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Like Kerry and the Dems, the LA Times doesn’t get it. They aren’t internet ready.

Authorities have made little progress worldwide in defeating Islamic extremists affiliated with Al Qaeda despite thwarting attacks and arresting high-profile figures, according to interviews with intelligence and law enforcement officials and outside experts.

On the contrary, officials warn that the Bush administration’s upbeat assessment of its successes is overly optimistic and masks its strategic failure to understand and combat Al Qaeda’s evolution.

What the they do not get is that what is reported is read by the terrorists as quickly, and possibly quicker, then you and I. Why give free intelligence to the enemy? Big Media has been pissed off for some time now. No leaks, no special access, etc. They can get over it.

I would have like to have seen this a bit more prominently displayed in the print version that I only by during football season (read it off and on at Duffy’s). I think those soldiers deserve it.

And, speaking of the N&O, if they are going to complain about tax cuts, I challenge them to ante up and send more of their own money to the IRS.

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