Daily Archives: September 13, 2004

Delta Redux

Back on Sept 7th, there was a story about a US Soldier who was treated poorly by Delta Airlines that I blogged. I sent Delta an email, and received this back: Dear Mr. Teach, Thank you for your message via Delta’s Web site. We are grateful for your taking the time to share your concerns […]

Can anyone help CBS out?

CONSUMER ALERT: Know of a scam that needs investigating? Tell us about it! Email us at [email protected] . Man (or woman), I wouldn’t want to be checking their email 🙂 As Crush Kerry has said, drop CBS a line, let them know about this big fake memo scandal that the Blogosphere has heard of.


Drudge beat me by 4 minutes on the “new” Bush smear story. Oh, well. Update, 7:02pm Looks like Mr Drudge picked up this little ditty that clearly show that President Bush signed on for a 120 day stint as a Reservist in the USAF. Sorry. libs, another one bites the dust. Maybe that should be […]

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