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Kerry is still a weenie

From the wonderful new QandO Yesterday, John Kerry–finally–came up with a clear position on the war in Iraq. Unfortunately, his position has now accepted the full Deaniac criticism. As David Brooks points out in the New York Times.. Check out the rest over there. I just wanted to add one thing. He mentions Rwanda, but […]

Quick Hits

cBS is going to scapegoat Mary Mapes, I expect her to be gone by the end of the week. Most telling is cBS saying that it would “examine the role of producer Mary Mapes in the passing the name to Lockhart.” Won’t work in saving Dan Rather, even if she decides to be be a […]

We Want German help why?

On the heels of France, now we have issues in Germany. The far right has made startling gains in regional elections in Germany as former communists made advances around Berlin, but parties of the centre clung to power with reduced support. The anti-immigrant Nationalist Democratic Party (NPD) won 9 per cent of the vote in […]

We want French help why?

Well, I know I don’t, and I would doubt that most rational people do (read RWingnuts :)). And Kerry still hasn’t said who his “international nations” are as of yet. Weenie. But, if we need to add real criminals: Twelve French soldiers on peacekeeping duties in Ivory Coast have been arrested in connection with a […]

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