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cBS is going to scapegoat Mary Mapes, I expect her to be gone by the end of the week. Most telling is cBS saying that it would “examine the role of producer Mary Mapes in the passing the name to Lockhart.” Won’t work in saving Dan Rather, even if she decides to be be a good team player after “resigning.” I will make a prediction that Rather will give a “hearfelt, tear jerking” resignation by Sunday.

It is nice to see that USAToday (.75 cents?) gave Powerline the credit for really breaking the cBS story open, page A4.

Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman in “The Fantastic Four?” Yeah, she is great in skintight lycra, but I’m not so sure about the choice.

Glad Edwards could show up for the very important job of approving (or not) the next head of the CIA. He does remember he is on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, right? Or is he just pulling a Kerry?

President Bush is really kicking Kerry’s azz on Tradesports, around 68 to 30. If you look down in the lower righthand corner, you will see that the price is almost as high as it has ever been!

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