Daily Archives: September 24, 2004

Kerry Hasn’t Read a History Book

Check out this article at the Freepublic. Kerry has a serious reading problem.

A Smarter, more sensitizzzzzzzzzzzzz

So Mr. Kerry gave us his wonderful ideas on fighting the war on terror. I must say, it would not be easy to go into a detailed analysis of his speech, because, quite frankly, it put me to sleep reading it. It certainly doesn’t help in reading a Kerry transcriptzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Woops, sorry. It doesn’t help […]

You’ve got (hate) mail

Been one of those weeks, but a forum poster alerted me to this article. It is always wonderful when ugly happens that is close to where one works and lives. An English professor at the University of North Carolina illegally subjected a student to “intentional discrimination and harassment” because he was “a white, heterosexual Christian […]

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