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So Mr. Kerry gave us his wonderful ideas on fighting the war on terror. I must say, it would not be easy to go into a detailed analysis of his speech, because, quite frankly, it put me to sleep reading it. It certainly doesn’t help in reading a Kerry transcriptzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Woops, sorry. It doesn’t help when I have the mental “image” of his voice while reading it. I heard him speak live in Raleigh this summer, and, while he is slightly better in person, do not expect much.

My fellow Americans, the most urgent national security challenge we face is the war against those who attacked our country on September 11th, the war against Usama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. As president, I will fight a tougher, smarter, more effective war on terror. My priority will be to find and capture or kill the terrorists before they get us — and I will never take my eye off the ball.

What about the economy? Health care? The environment? Does Kerry not realize that Presidents provide guidence, and have people that take care of this stuff? Well, he has forgotten that he has spent almost 20 years as a US Senator.

President Bush was right to invade Afghanistan and overthrow the Taliban. I supported that decision. So did our country and our allies. So did the world.

But since then, again and again, the president has made the wrong choices in the war on terror … around the world and here at home

Really? Lybia has given up its WMD programs. Saudi Arabia is becoming more progressive. Syria has seen the writting on the wall. Pakistan is cooperating in our fight against terrorism. Many ME countries are also becoming more progressive, including Yemen (remember the Cole?)

Instead of expanding programs to keep weapons of mass destruction in Russia out of terrorist hands

Huh? Is Kerry proposing armed agression against Russia?

The rest is just self serving rhetoric, which is contradicted by his service as an anti war protester, his stint as Lt Governor of Mass, and 20 years of do nothing but be an ultra dove in the Senate. He reminds me of the Lyrebird. This bird woos a mate by making the most amount of different sounds, including chainsaws, car alarms, other birds, and even dogs! Like the lyrebird, kerry imitates different positions, in order to woo voters. (Check out Animal Planet’s “The Most Extreme: Disguise” on Oct 26, has the Lyrebird)

Geez, I have to take a nap after reading that Kerry speazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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