Just like a Rainbow in the Dark

Can the title of that classic Ronnie Jame Dio song fit John Kerry any more?

“Today,” said Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt, “John Kerry’s position on Iraq descended into complete incoherence.”

Mr. Imus seemed to agree.

“I was just back in my office banging my head on the jukebox,” Mr. Imus said. “This is my candidate, and … I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

I wonder why? Could it have something to do with Imus’ interview with Kerry? Probably.

KERRY: Well, Don, I realize that, but the fact is that the president is the president. I mean, what you ought to be doing and what everybody in America ought to be doing today is not asking me; they ought to be asking the president, What is your plan? What’s your plan, Mr. President, to stop these kids from being killed? What’s your plan, Mr. President, to get the other countries in there? What’s your plan to have 90 percent of the casualties and 90 percent of the cost being carried by America? I mean, he is the president today, and we have given him advice from day one; from day one, from the floor of the Senate when we debated it where I said don’t — you know, you’ve got to have other countries with you, don’t make an end runaround the U.N., the difficulty is not winning the military, it’s winning the peace; and he ignored it. And others — the bipartisan, Dick Lugar, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and Joe Biden, and the Foreign Relations Committee gave him advice that he chose to ignore. And since then, many times we’ve stood up and said, “Mr. President, this is what you have to do.” He’s chosen not to do those things.

IMUS: We’re asking you because you want to be president.

KERRY: That’s correct. But I can’t…

IMUS: He’s not going to answer any questions.

Imus should probably be glad Kerry didn’t answer the question. The entire interview was a rambling discussion of President George Bush, at least on Kerry’s end. Kerry wants to be President. Why is he so reluctant to discuss what he will do? See, that is how it is done. When you go on a job interview, you generally are asked about yourself, and what you can contribute. You do not usually slam the person who has the job now, or had it.

John Kerry: as useful as a rainbow in the dark.

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