NC State Tailgate shooting

Excuse me if I cannot find sympathy for NC State students who have issues with the new rules for tailgating at NC State University before football games.

“I’d say it’s pretty big, sort of like a Brent Road where everyone’s having fun, a few people get out of control and then the university comes in and spoils the fun for everyone,” said NCSU student Daniel Underwood.

Hmm, let’s see: 2 people were shot and killed. NCSU’s responsibility is the safety of it’s students, not their ability to have a good time and get drunk. (For those who do not know, there are huge parties on Brent Road in Raleigh, near NCSU, at the beginning of each school year, which include underage drinking, fights, DUI’s, and other violations of the law.) Unfortunate incidents will still occur. There is no guaruntee that this cannot happen again. But, again, it is NCSU’s responsibility to attempt to provide a safe atmosphere.

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