KerryCare (or how to be an idiot)

I guess I’m an idiot. I do not want any part of Kerry’s health care plan. Nor does Colin McNickle.

Like a man in a trench coat on a street corner offering candy to little girls, Nantucket Johnny offers a package of government beneficence that looks, oh, so sweet but quickly turns predatory. That’s what usually happens when a politician offers something for everyone and “free” to boot.

Here’s the Cliffs Notes synopsis of John Kerry’s health plan:

Your wallet be walloped to keep insurance premiums down.

Your billfold will be bilked to subsidize the insurers.

Your purse will be purloined to help small companies pay health insurance premiums.

Your bag will be burgled to cover the cost of “cheaper,” reimported prescription drugs.

Your pocket will be picked in order to give the unemployed a new entitlement.

Blunt enough for you?

Yes, that is blunt enough for me. Socialized medicine. It doesn’t work all that well in other countries. Waiting times are up. Doctors, nurses, and all manners off health care professionals are not only less motivated, but leave for countries where they can make money. See Canada.

On the flip side, President Bush’s plan makes some sense. While it is certainly a bit money heavy, certain aspects, such as limiting malpractice payouts and fighting health care fraud, are dead on. Emphasis on health care for Seniors is important, with so many Baby Boomers hitting Medicare age. Flex time and telecommuting, great ideas, where possible.

One of the best ideas is to allow small business’ to band together and negotiate lower premiums. I have worked for a small company with less then 50 people, a large company with around 18K, and a really big one with over 180K. The cost of premiums is dramatic.

Allow Small Businesses to Establish Association Health Plans (AHPs) – While large businesses can use their purchasing power to get better deals from insurance companies, smaller firms often find that coverage is priced beyond their reach. To give small employers and their workers more purchasing power, the President has proposed allowing small businesses to band together and negotiate on behalf of their employees and their families.

One thing that is always missed is that Health Care is not a Right. It isn’t mentioned in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Do we want people healthy, and taken care of when they get sick? Certainly. But should a higher burden be placed on any portion of the People in order to pay for it? No. And, rather then pushing a plan that sasy “we will take care of you when you get sick,” how about including (from both sides) portions that promote a healthy life style?

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