If All You See…

…is carbon pollution in the sky, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Crawdad Hole, with a post wondering if Democrats rushed the impeachment vote because of scheduled resist rallies.

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Northeastern States Look To Implement Transportation Climate Initiative

And they are all very surprised that it will raise costs. But, hey, all these left leaning Dem voting climate crisis (scam) believing voters will have no problem with this, right?

Fighting Climate Change Isn’t Free. But A New Plan Could Ease Traffic And Cut Emissions In An Equitable Way

In Massachusetts, the word “transportation” conjures images of choked highways, rickety bridges and derailed subway cars. The frustration, inconvenience and loss of economic productivity we all incur due to transportation shortcomings constitute a painful cost to our quality of life.

Transportation that is powered by fossil fuels exacts still more costs, due to the pollution that it generates. It exacerbates respiratory diseases and it is the largest source of climate-warming greenhouse gases — 43% of Massachusetts’ greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector.

Responding to the increasing distress around transportation, the Baker administration, in collaboration with other eastern states, has made public new details of an innovative regional plan, called the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI). The plan is designed to raise needed revenue and ratchet down fossil-fuel emissions that contribute to serious public health problems and climate change.

It would indirectly add a small amount to the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel at the pump in Massachusetts, and so it acts, in effect, as a tax. Any levy that the state imposes on the public must be not only justified but just. TCI is both.

The Transportation and Climate Initiative is a regional cap-and-invest program. Twelve eastern states and the District of Columbia would agree to set a cap on emissions by requiring wholesalers of transportation fuels to purchase, from the states, pollution allowances in proportion to the total carbon content of the fuel they sell. The pollution allowances would be limited — thus the “cap” — and decline in number every year while increasing in price. The states independently invest the money they collect to improve transportation and limit pollution.

And every penny will be passed on to the consumers, who will suffer with higher costs at the pump to go to work, reducing the value of their paychecks while also increasing their overall cost of living.

The justification for TCI is clear. Transportation planners have long wishlists of projects to address a multitude of troubles. A report earlier this year estimated Greater Boston’s rush-hour congestion to be the nation’s worst. Our commuter rail system needs to be electrified. The MBTA is in continual crisis. The eastern and western halves of the state aren’t connected by passenger rail.

You political masters know what is best for you and will try and force you out of your fossil fueled vehicles, which makes it easier to control your movement. NJ.com wonders if consumers are willing to pay

Is it worth a 5 to 17 cent per gallon increase in gas prices to fight climate change, reduce air pollution and plow the money into better public transit and electric vehicles?

That is a proposal being floated in 12 northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia, as part of the Transportation and Climate Initiative. Supporters said it is designed to help reduce air pollution and the resulting health-related illnesses from dirty air. New York, Pennsylvania and New York are part of the bi-partisan initiative

CO2 is not a pollutants. It doesn’t make the air dirty. Now, consider, you will be paying 5 to 17 cents (to start with) on everything. When you fill your tank. When you buy tomatoes. When you buy ice cream. Every single product at the grocery store. Every single meal. Everything. Because every bit will be passed on. But, hey, all you climate cultists supporting this, stay in your states. Suck it up. Live it. Don’t come to GOP states to escape it.

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White Christmas’ Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past In Canada Or Something

This is all your fault. All your use of fossil fuels, ordering presents online to have them delivered, not growing your own food, eating some sort of meat on Christmas day, having lights up, using wrapping paper. Bad you!

No white Christmas? Environment Canada predicts ‘green’ holiday

Though it’s still too early to say with certainty, most Canadians are likely to have a green Christmas this year, according to Environment Canada.

And that could be the new normal, said senior climatologist Dave Phillips.

“The trend is towards greener Christmases,” he told CTVNews.ca on Tuesday, adding that the weather could still change on a dime. The most accurate forecasts for Dec. 25 won’t come until Sunday or Monday, but there are no active weather systems on the horizon right now, he said.

“If you’ve got a white Christmas now I think you’re probably going to hold it,” he said. In Canada, a “white Christmas” means 2 cm of snow or more, according to Environment Canada, not the “thin and scanty” snow cover seen in many areas. (snip)

The silver lining is that holiday travelling could be smooth sailing, but increasingly green Christmases are perhaps the simplest reminder of climate change, he said. In some areas of the country 50 years ago, there was an 80 per cent chance of a white Christmas. Those same areas are more like 65 per cent today.

“We are the snowiest country in the world — I think we’re losing it,” he said. “We’re not as white as we used to be. We’re not as cold as we used to be. The one season that has truly gotten warmer is our winter season.”

Fifty years ago everyone was worried about a coming ice age. Now, it’s just a continuation of a typical Holocene warm period. But, the climate cultists always have to fearmonger.

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On Eve Of TDS Impeachment, Trump Is Resilient, Supporters Buoyed

The Washington Post seems surprised by this state of affairs. They apparently expected Republicans to abandon Trump, just like Democrats abandoned Bill Clinton when he was impeached with actual evidence of perjury, witness tampering, and suborning testimony, unlike what Democrats are saying Trump did, which is essentially ignoring unhinged Democrats in Congress and being mean to them

Trump appears resilient as he faces the ‘very ugly word’ of impeachment

Poised to become on Wednesday only the third president in U.S. history to be impeached, President Trump remains remarkably resilient, wounded but not fatally so as he turns toward his 2020 reelection campaign.

Unbowed and unapologetic, Trump is charging through impeachment much as he has wrestled with previous crises in his presidency — attacking his perceived enemies, spinning falsehoods, promising vengeance and firing off tweets, all while cycling between fits of indignation and bouts of confidence and good cheer.

In a fiery and freewheeling six-page letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday, Trump demonstrated what allies describe as fortitude and critics deride as mania, railing against “an illegal, partisan attempted coup” and a “perversion of justice and abuse of power” at the hands of Democrats.

“You have cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment!” he wrote.

Trump’s ability to exist — and even thrive — amid historic tumult has worried Democrats, who have sought to portray themselves as pursuing somber impeachment proceedings rooted more in duty to the Constitution than partisan politics. Yet that same reality has left many supporters and allies of the president buoyed.

“We’ll just wake up Thursday after this absurd impeachment vote and say, ‘Well, that was quite a Season 3 finale. What’s going to happen in Season 4?’” said Cliff Sims, a former White House aide. “He’s the most resilient politician the country has ever seen.”

Democrats aren’t moving the polls against Trump. It’s primarily a partisan thing. It’s all political. And we know it is just based on Trumo Derangement Syndrome because

Impeachment Forever: House Vows to Continue Probes No Matter What Senate Decides

House Democrats vow to continue the fight to impeach and remove U.S. President Donald Trump, even after the House vote and the Senate trial, a top House lawyer indicated Monday.

No matter what the U.S. Senate does–and it is expected to clear President Trump early next year after the House votes on Wednesday to impeach him–the House is likely to continue its quest to remove the president from office.

Politico reported:

Lawyers for the House told a federal court on Monday that lawmakers will continue their impeachment investigation even after the House votes later this week to impeach President Donald Trump.

In a filing to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, House General Counsel Douglas Letter argued that the House’s demands for grand jury materials connected to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation were still urgent because such evidence might become relevant to the Senate’s expected impeachment trial next month.

But Letter went further to note that even apart from the Senate trial, the House Judiciary Committee intends to continue its impeachment investigation arising from the Mueller probe on its own merit. That investigation began earlier this year.

They can’t accept that Trump beat Hillary, and can’t accept that Trump is in office, and if you think the meltdowns when George Bush won re-election in 2004 were bad, just wait till Trump wins in 2020.

Oh, and the meltdowns later today when the moonbat base realizes that the House voting for impeachment on a party line doesn’t mean Trump is booted out of office.

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We’re Saved: Coloring Books For Adults Highlight ‘Climate Change’ And Sea Birds

Well, coloring books are about at Warmist’s speed

New Adult Coloring Book Draws Attention to Climate Change’s Effect on Sea Birds

For most people, climate change is real and 16-year-old Greta Thunberg is deserving of being Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. And while adults also want to do something about climate change, many individuals feel they are too insignificant to make a difference or don’t know how to have an impact.

For them, internationally known artist Lynn Matsuoka offers a starting point: this holiday season, purchase copies of her new adult coloring book, Saving Our Seabirds, to give to loved ones on their holiday list so that they can learn more about why birds are the harbingers of worse things to come, appreciate their amazing qualities and, at the same time, contribute to the Audubon Society’s Project Puffin to help reclaim the birds’ habitats and keep them healthy.

“The book uses the vehicle of the birds being endangered to illustrate how and why climate change is coming down on all of us, the birds being the alarm bell,” says Matsuoka. “And hopefully, through coloring the images of the birds, people will feel an emotional attachment to them, which will make the information on the birds and the messages in the book more meaningful.”

If you already Believe, then there’s no need for the book. If you don’t believe, you don’t need a coloring book from unhinged Warmists.

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If All You See…

…is an evil couch made from evil climate hating cows, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is 90Ninety Miles From Tyranny, with a post on Giuliani saying impeachment is about hiding Obama’s corruption.

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Al Gore: Democrats Should Totally Run On Green New Deal

I completely agree: they should. Because they would lose like most running on Hotcoldwetdry as their main position, like Jay Inslee

Al Gore Says Democratic Candidates Should Absolutely Run On AOC’s Green New Deal: Report

Former Vice President Al Gore believes the Green New Deal (GND) could be a winning issue for Democrats in 2020.

The GND is a “broad brushstroke, bold proclamation, the details of which are designed to be filled in later,” Gore told Politico Friday. He believes Democratic candidates should use the legislation to help generate enthusiasm before next year’s election, Politico reported.

Gore also suggested that Republicans are flipping on climate change. “We’re not that far away from a restoration of bipartisan support, particularly since Mother Nature is getting everybody’s attention with these fires and floods and hurricanes,” he told reporters.

Seriously, good luck running on ‘climate change’, which I will note yet again is popular in theory but not in practice. Most polls put it very low on the totem poll of what voters care about. Remember

Another emerging theme from the survey is that people do not want to spend their own money to combat climate change. Thirty-seven percent do not want to pay any additional taxes, and only 14 percent are willing to pay even $1 more a month.


For example, while nearly half of adults say they would be willing to pay a $2 monthly tax on their electricity bills to help combat climate change, just over a quarter say they are willing to pay $10 extra each month. And while two-thirds support stricter fuel-efficiency standards for the nation’s cars and trucks, increases in the gas tax remain deeply unpopular.

This is the same Gore who took a fossil fueled flight to Madrid for COP25. Speaking of COP25 by the numbers

  • Number of participating nations in the COP conference: 190
  • Number of delegates who went to Madrid for the two-week proceedings: 27,000
  • Number of years COP has been held annually: 25
  • Cost of putting on the event: an estimated $100 million dollars
  • Number of hours COP proceedings went past their scheduled conclusion: 44
  • Number of people who marched in Madrid on Friday to demand climate justice: 500,000
  • Number of protestors kicked out of the conference venue: about 200
  • Agreements signed to set up global carbon markets: 0
  • Major emitters who agreed to make their emissions-reduction pledges more ambitious: 0

Oops. Fail.

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Climate Morons Attempting To Win Darwin Awards Attempt To Stop Train In Mass.

Miriam Wasser is an “environmental reporter” for WBUR, an NPR station in Massachussets

It takes a long, long time for a train to stop, especially a loaded freight train. These idiots are also trespassing on train property, and it is a federal offense to trespass on railroad right of way.

The idiots at 350 New Hampshire (who are pimping offshore wind despite being a landlocked state) replied to her tweet with “The train and the dispatchers knew that there were people on the tracks and refused to stop. No one was hurt. #shutdownbow #nocoalnogas #trainbytrain.” It’s not a car. It doesn’t just stop. Do you stop your car if you see a bunch of unhinged lunatics surrounding you? It can take miles for a train to even slow down, much less stop.

And, if they stopped it, then what? There would be a train just sitting on the tracks. Blocking the tracks. And what of the mental state of the engineer and others working the train? What if one of these idiots was hit? Do you know what would happen to them? Destroyed. The engineer is probably a mental wreck after dealing with these lunatics.

If they don’t want to be run over, get off the tracks. Of course, they will keep doing this, like they did a week ago, until someone gets killed. Especially when activist judges dismiss the legitimate charges.

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Hilarious: Washington Post Asks If Republicans Will Take The Constitution Seriously

We all know, excluding the Washington Post editorial board, that this whole impeachment theater has been a political farce. They’ve wanted to impeach so they went searching for a reason. They left exculpatory evidence out of their reports, they limited who Republicans could call, they have failed to include their bribery and other charges, and, really, if the WPEB wants the GOP to take the Constitution seriously, they shouldn’t be surprised if the GOP impeaches the next Democrat president over minor Politics 101 stuff.

Will any Republicans show respect for the Constitution?

THE IMPEACHMENT of President Trump, which is due to come to a vote in the House of Representatives this week, ought to inspire the utmost seriousness and patriotism from members of Congress. Instead, the process is in danger of being devalued into a predictably partisan House vote, followed by a truncated and inadequate Senate trial. Crucial witnesses to Mr. Trump’s alleged abuses of power may never be heard; the president’s flagrant stonewalling of congressional authority may be allowed to stand. Many Americans seem to be tuning out, having anticipated just such an outcome.

Why have we not heard from Joe and Hunter Biden? Particularly Joe, since he has stated that he demanded a Ukrainian prosecutor be fired for investigating the company Hunter was sitting on the board of or Ukraine wouldn’t get $1 billion in US aid? He bragged about it. That’s extortion. Sounded more like a mafia thing.

Some representatives are exhibiting courage, including several Democrats in swing districts who have announced they will vote for impeachment even at the risk of losing their seats. “There are some decisions in life that have to be made based on what you know in your bones is right,” wrote Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.) in an op-ed published Monday. A few Republicans, such as Rep. Will Hurd (R-Tex.), have at least acknowledged that Mr. Trump’s actions toward Ukraine were improper, while questioning whether they justify removal from office.

Yet many Republicans appear intent on refusing to engage seriously with the articles of impeachment and the evidence behind them. The bald declaration by Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) — “I’m not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here” — appears to apply to a number in his party, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who has pledged to coordinate closely with the White House on a trial whose outcome — acquittal — he has already declared. He and his caucus should consider the damage they are doing to the Constitution for the sake of political expediency.

It was the Washington Post that noted that the “campaign to impeach Trump has begun” on inauguration day. There’s no real crimes included in their impeachment charges. Obstruction of Congress for an investigation that was based purely on partisan Trump Derangement Syndrome considerations? Please. An investigation that provided no due process as required by the Bill of Rights.

Republicans as well as Democrats must invest the impeachment process with the gravity it should have as the ultimate constitutional check on presidential abuses. The alternative is to open the way for Mr. Trump to abuse his office with impunity.

So, they shouldn’t act like Democrats and instead should be serious? Democrats set the tone.  But, we should not be surprised in the least that the WPEB is taking this line, but, they are playing to their choir: the latest poll shows this is virtually completely partisan, as

Eighty-five percent of Democrats say the president should be impeached and removed, while 86 percent of Republicans say he should not. Independents split 47 percent in favor and 46 percent opposed.

Pure partisan.

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Extinction Rebellion Uses Fossil Fueled Truck To Dump Manure At COP25

These people are nuts

Yahoo has video of this. Let’s go to Reuters

Green activists dumped horse manure and staged a mock hanging outside the venue of a U.N. climate summit in Madrid on Saturday, airing their frustration at the failure of world leaders to take meaningful action against global warming. (snip)

Twelve members of the group stood on melting blocks of ice, nooses drawn tight around their necks to symbolize the 12 months remaining until the next summit, when the Paris deal enters a make-or-break implementation phase.

Loonatics. From their webpage

  • To mark the end of this year’s COP, Extinction Rebellion has delivered a present to our world leaders who have gathered here for this most important gathering: a pile of Madrid’s finest horse manure
  • “We are in the shit unless we come together, think bigger and transformative. Remember from the most pungent shit, grows the most beautiful roses”

Interestingly, I’m not finding anything that says that the truck used was not powered by fossil fuels.

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