Your Fault: 12% Of Phoenix To Die From Hotcoldwetdry In The 2030s

It’s always some prognostication of doom with these people

Roger is the cofounder of Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. Anyhow, from the cult article

Millions of Americans face the threat of dangerous heatwaves in the coming weeks with another summer of record-breaking temperatures forecast to hit the US.

Most of New Mexico and Utah – alongside parts of Arizona, Texas and Colorado – have the highest chance (60% to 70%) of seeing hotter-than-average summer temperatures, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa). In addition, the entire north-east – from Maine down to Pennsylvania and New Jersey – as well as a large stretch from Louisiana to Arizona, Washington and Idaho, have a 40% to 50% chance of experiencing above-average temperatures from June through August.

Only south-west Alaska is expected to have below-normal temperatures.

The problem here is that they never actually show the science that proves this is mostly/solely the fault of Mankind. It’s an assumption, and there’s no comparison with previous Holocene warm periods. But, that’s not the point: they simply want you to be controlled by government.

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9 Responses to “Your Fault: 12% Of Phoenix To Die From Hotcoldwetdry In The 2030s”

  1. joe says:

    if we stop using fossil fuels, and when the wind and solar don’t/can’t keep up with demand, how will people in these hot places keep the AC on so they don’t die?…asking for a friend…

  2. James Lewis says:

    12 per cent of the population of Phoenix, Arizona will die of extreme heat in the 2030s.

    If the author believes that he is obviously stupid.

    Yet people listen to what he says.

    Or maybe he actually doesn’t understand solving problems by changing things.

    Of course he could just be kin to Chicken Little Karen Man.

  3. Jl says:

    If they have to use air conditioning powered by wind and solar, he’s probably under-counting…

  4. Doom and Gloom says:

    Population of Phoenix….1.7 million.

    So 12 percent of 1.7 million is 202,000 people will die directly as a result of global warming.

    That is horrific. If I was living in Phoenix I would immediately move to southern Alaska

    • Mark says:

      Expecting math from a journalism major is unfair. Exposing their absurd claims to ridicule is also unfair.

      Anyone who fights fair is a loser.

  5. SD says:

    ‘CORRUPT AS CAN BE’: Trump lawyer slams NY state over Trump trial | Alina Habba – Video

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The Biden administration is pushing now for more nuclear power.

  7. H says:

    As always Mr Teach can point to no other cause of the very rapid increase in temps.0he keeps pinging back to 2850 when emissions were still lie and temp ride was low.
    2/3s of the total temp ride since 1850 has happened furring his own 50 years. While telling us how “little” the temp ride has been since 1850, he leaves out the fact that the ride has happened at a much greater rate more recently

    The UK government pays about 8 cents per kwh (7for wind generated electricity but then sells it to customers st 25 cents per kwh.
    Generation as I have said many times before represents only about 1/3 of the cost of residential electricity. UK electric costs are NOT going up significantly because of generation costs.

    • James Lewis says:

      If the UK government is buying for 8cents/KWH, why doesn’t it step aside and let a private company purchase it and then resale it to the end user for 12 cents???

      That’s a neat 50% profit and the tax payer saves.

      Only a Leftie could not like that.

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