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Hotcoldwetdry, Natural Disasters, Racial Inequality, Argle Garble

When people ask why I say this is not about science, but, pure cult based politics, I ask if they’ve actually read articles about ‘climate change’. How many actually show the science? How many avoid mentioning actual data? How many do something like this? Climate Change Worsens Natural Disasters Alongside Racial Inequality Another summer, another […]

If All You See…

…are trees dying from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on Arizona’s Democrat governor wanting to prosecute Trump for daring to question the election.

NC General Assembly Overrides Cooper Vetoes, Including On Parental Rights And Banning Trans Surgeries For Kids

Obviously, this has made the moonbats very upset. How dare the GOP have that kind of majority! The voters must be horrible (but, it’s fine in places like California, which has a a super-majority of Democrats who can do whatever they want) NC Legislature overrides 6 governor vetoes, putting measures into law The North Carolina […]

We Need To Discuss Cocaine, Eels, And The Climate Crisis (scam)

This is what a cult looks like: a perfectly reasonable article on the issue of cocaine in the waters causing issues with wildlife, ala cocaine bear, and then they had to drag ‘climate change’ into it because it’s required these days Eels, Cocaine and Climate Change This summer many media outlets smelled blood in the […]

Illegal Alien Advocates Want Governor To Force NY Towns To Take Illegals

If NY’s governor wasn’t a wackjob illegal alien supporter her proper response would be to send them to the towns of the advocates Hochul should force NY towns to take migrants, advocates’ letter says Dozens of advocacy groups have joined in a letter to Gov. Kathy Hochul demanding the state force towns to accept migrants from New […]

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