NC General Assembly Overrides Cooper Vetoes, Including On Parental Rights And Banning Trans Surgeries For Kids

Obviously, this has made the moonbats very upset. How dare the GOP have that kind of majority! The voters must be horrible (but, it’s fine in places like California, which has a a super-majority of Democrats who can do whatever they want)

NC Legislature overrides 6 governor vetoes, putting measures into law

The North Carolina Legislature voted to successfully override six vetoes by Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday afternoon, putting the measures into law.

One of those was Senate Bill 49, the Parents’ Bill of Rights.

After the Senate voted to override, the House later overrode the veto of SB 49, enacting the Parents’ Bill of Rights into law.

“This legislation (SB 49) codifies the rights of parents and guardians to guarantee their direct involvement in their child’s education,” said Rep. Brian Biggs, R-Randolph, on the House floor during the override debate. “This bill brings much-needed transparency and openness to our schools.”

Why are Democrats so against parental rights? Republicans should make sure to run on this in 2024, noting that Democrats are against parents having rights and being involved.

Two of those bills focus on charter school regulations, a third on building code procedures, and two on transgender issues. (snip)

House Bill 574, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, mandates athletes in middle school, high school, and college to play with their sex assigned at birth. That’s aimed almost exclusively at preventing biological males from participating in girls’ sports activities. (snip)

Another bill that drew attention was House Bill 808, which would ban most so-called gender-transition surgical procedures for children.

HB 808 prohibits gender transition surgeries and puberty blockers for minors.

Obviously, the brain-damaged and grooming wackjobs are upset about this, being so hell-bent on destroying the lives of children, rather than allowing kids to wait till they are adults and can make their own informed decisions. I’m still unclear why Democrats are so pushy about creating “trans” kids and wanting to mutilate their bodies. What political purpose does this serve?

How about gender confused boys in women’s sports? Why are Democrats so gung-ho to replace women with males in sports?

North Carolina lawmakers override veto on bill limiting LGBTQ instruction in early grades

North Carolina’s Senate and House voted minutes apart Wednesday to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill limiting LGBTQ+ instruction in the early grades, immediately making it law.

The law, which is expected to face a legal challenge, requires public school teachers in most circumstances to alert parents before they call a student by a different name or pronoun. It also bans instruction about gender identity and sexuality in K-4 classrooms, which critics have previously likened to a Florida law opponents call “Don’t Say Gay.”

That’s what a lot of national articles look like, with the groomers apoplectic that parents would have rights over their children and be required to be notified. Likewise, stopping schools from teaching adult sexuality, and it bans straight sexuality as well, to young children.

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6 Responses to “NC General Assembly Overrides Cooper Vetoes, Including On Parental Rights And Banning Trans Surgeries For Kids”

  1. MrLiberty says:

    Some sanity. Now the governor needs to either be recalled or jailed.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Mr Liberty For Me, But Not Thee typed: Now the governor needs to be either recalled or jailed.

      A recall is probably legal, but jailed for what? Legally vetoing bills?

      Should all adults who advocate for trans kids be jailed? Including the kids’ parents? Doctors?

    • david7134 says:

      The feeling is that the anticipated Civil War is coming if the Dems kep up with this bogus persecution.

  2. Dana says:

    I’m trying to figure out why the left want a minor to be able to try to change his sex, with or without his parents’ permission or even knowledge, but is a young teen is feeling homosexual attractions, and wants to change those to something normal, the left are very much opposed to him being allowed any sort of therapy to help him go straight?

    Yes, of course the pun was intended!

  3. Matthew says:

    Gov. Roy Cooper along with anyone that advocates for “transitioning” any minor, anywhere, does not care one wit about kids “going through the right puberty” whatever that means. If there weren’t billions of dollars to be made ruining the lives of these children, they wouldn’t touch another one! Period! Child abuse is a horrible crime, yet, because of this absolutely sick industry, we have to specifically outlaw this type of twisted insanity! We shouldn’t stop there though; we need to criminalize the root cause of the problem. Teachers, psychiatrists, legislators and even parents caught advising children that their confusion is somehow gender dysphoria in the first place, then guiding them into the physical mutilation and psychological abuse that is being represented as “transitioning”, which is not possible in the first place, need to be severely punished. They are ruining children’s lives and making a fortune from that barbarism! These people are sick criminals, and yes, they belong in prison.

    The easiest way to recognize that the entire “trans movement” is abnormal AF? Nothing normal ever required a propaganda blitz to normalize it.

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