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Here’s Biden’s Request For Ukraine Aid

New White House funding request:$24 billion for Ukraine$4 billion for US border/fentanyl/immigration Thoughts? https://t.co/ndsn4KiV4n — Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) August 10, 2023 Shows you where his priorities are, and it’s not the U.S.

Climate Cult Immediately Blames Hawaii Wildfires On ‘Climate Change’

There’s been no indication as to what caused the massive fire in Hawaii’s area of Maui as of yet, but, that won’t stop the climate cult from involving themselves. They won’t even wait for the death toll (which stands at 36 right now), nor do they care about the suffering of the people there. The […]

If All You See…

…are horrible carbon pollution Bad Weather clouds, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Da Techguy’s Blog, with a post on the continued corruption of the J6 committee.

Brandon To Ask Congress For Billions More For Ukraine

I wonder how much is coming back into Biden’s pockets? President Joe Biden is expected to unveil his request for additional Ukraine aid on Thursday. The Biden administration is expected to unveil its request for billions of dollars in additional funding for weapons and other aid to Ukraine on Thursday, according to two people with […]

Biden Backed EV Bus Company Declares Bankruptcy

I thought this whole green energy push would create lots of profits. No? Electric Bus Company Proterra Backed Heavily by Biden Administration Files for Bankruptcy Proterra, an electric bus company that received heavy backing from President Joe Biden’s administration, filed for bankruptcy on Monday. The Burlingame, California-based EV company has been a source of controversy […]

SCNY Mayor Upset Over $12 Billion Cost Of Illegals

I remember a time when we were told that illegal immigration was a minimal cost, that it was victimless, that it was no big deal. Funny how that changes when it is a northeast leftist city like the Sanctuary City Of New York that’s now paying the price NYC mayor puts $12 billion cost on […]

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