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Unintended Consequences Alert: California To “Punish” Fossil Fuels Companies Over High Prices

Why are gas prices so high in the People’s Republik Of California? (Forbes) California’s astronomical retail gasoline prices have been caused by two issues: refinery shutdowns and California’s strict environmental laws, which require special gas blends. California has its own unique gas market, according to Mark Agerton, assistant professor in the department of agricultural and […]

If All You See…

…is overly bright sunshine caused by atmospheric changes from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Harry and Meghan publicly whining about their privileged lives. Made a mistake yesterday, it’s long legs week, not redheads.

You Too Can Be A Good Little Member Of Society By Voting, Getting Vaxxed, Supporting ‘Climate Change’ Action

These people sound fun. Essentially, they’ve turned all of life into the realm of politics (non-paywalled here) Do you want to be a good member of society? Voting, climate change efforts are a start, survey says You go to work. You pay your taxes. You vote, and you may even go to a place of […]

Bummer: Youths Feel Betrayed On Government’s Inaction On Climate Crisis (scam)

These are the same people purchasing lots of disposable items and clothes to take fossil fueled trips for a few selfies and TikTok videos, streaming tons of content, and getting food and coffee delivered in fossil fueled vehicles Young people feel betrayed by government inaction on climate change — we must take action With the […]

Hilarious: Brandon Admin Wants US Oil Companies To Help Ukrainian Infrastructure

All while the Brandon admin and their Democrat Comrades are trying to kill off the US fossil fuels infrastructure White House to ask oil and gas execs to support Ukraine energy infrastructure The Biden administration is convening a virtual meeting on Thursday with oil and gas executives to discuss how the United States can support […]

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