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Brandon Puts Strict Climate Cult Mandates On Pentagon

He really is doing all he can to neuter the U.S. military, eh? The Pentagon Marches Off to Climate War. The war in Ukraine is draining U.S. arms stockpiles while geopolitical risks grow. Yet the Biden Administration is worried about—you can’t make this up—the climate impact of U.S. weapons and wants to impose costly green […]

If All You See…

…are evil fossil fueled vehicles causing carbon pollution to create mold on sidewalks, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with a post on a headless woman in a hopeless city. I’m not making up the thing on mold, though most of the articles focus on mold […]

Election Data Shows Lots Of Republicans Flipped For Certain Races

Surprisingly, the NY Times doesn’t seem to connect the dots on all these Republican losses in what should have been easily winnable races Turnout by Republicans Was Great. It’s Just That Many of Them Didn’t Vote for Republicans. After yet another disappointing showing for Republicans in Georgia’s Senate runoff on Tuesday, some conservatives — like […]

IOC Holds Off On Naming 2030 Winter Olympics Site Due To ‘Climate Change’

Well, maybe stop picking places that aren’t necessarily the best spots for winter sports. But, hey, everything is climate cult related these days Host city for 2030 Winter Olympics hasn’t yet been named. Why? It may not be cold enough. Concern over warmer temperatures and vanishing snow in some of the world’s winter playgrounds has […]

Brandon Is Super Sick Of Scary Looking Guns Being Sold

Say, how many actual assault rifles, ones that are fully automatic, many of which are suppressed, are owned by the Executive Branch, excluding the Department of Defense? How many by the US Secret Service? Disarm them first Biden speaks at vigil honoring victims of gun violence President Joe Biden called again Wednesday for a ban […]

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