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We Must Rethink Capitalism To Solve Climate Apocalypse

Most Warmists try and keep this on the down-low, as they do not want to let the average citizen know that one of the goals of the climate cult is for government to fully control the economy. It’s all part of the Modern Socialist agenda. Yet, the peasants never wonder “hey, is this going to […]

If All You See…

…is horrible heat snow caused by ‘climate change’ amplification, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bookworm Room, with a post on the importance of the Battle of Trenton, December 26, 1776. It’s snow week! And, good grief, it’s still snowing in the Buffalo and Watertown, NY, areas.

Unexpected: Nationwide Marijuana Glut Dropping Prices, Harming Businesses

Who could have possibly seen this coming? A national weed glut is causing prices to plummet and imperiling businesses Michigan has way too much weed. The number of cannabis grow operations serving the state‚Äôs recreational market has almost doubled in the past year. The number of active marijuana plants now exceeds 1.2 million, roughly six […]

There’s A Paradox Between Climate Apocalypse And Massive Snowstorms

They’ll never let this go Paradox between warming climate and intense snowstorms, say scientists There is a complex, counterintuitive relationship between rising global temperatures and the likelihood of increasingly intense snowstorms across Canada. Winters are becoming on average milder and warmer than they used to be, but there has also been a noted rise across […]

Hot Take: The Electoral College Is A Threat To Democracy

In Liberal World, everything that thwarts Democrats is A Threat To Democracy. Anything other than one party rule and dominant government is a threat to democracy The Electoral College is hazardous to democracy, Raskin says Rep. Jamie Raskin said Sunday the Electoral College “has become a danger” to American democracy. Speaking on CBS’ “Face the […]

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