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Climate Cult Super Excited To Use International Court

I’m still hopeful that a court will tell Warmists “this court will be happy to process your claim once you’ve proven that all plaintiffs have made their lives carbon neutral and are practicing what they preach”. Anyhow, here’s Amnesty International, which notes on it’s about page In 1961, British lawyer Peter Benenson was outraged when […]

Biden Has More Important Things To Do Than Visit Border

I’m sure the residents in the border towns are thrilled that their concerns are not important Biden says ‘more important things’ than border visit, despite 59 trips to Delaware, 8 stops for ice cream President Joe Biden said Tuesday that he hasn’t visited the U.S.-Mexico border because “there are more important things going on,” despite […]

Climate Cult Wants To Reign In Big Tech To Help Stop Climate Doom

Say, I wonder how they’re going to do this? If Big Tech doesn’t voluntarily do this, then what? Unsurprisingly, the screed doesn’t say. Don’t want to spook people, right? Society Can’t Slow Climate Change Without Reining in Big Tech, New Report Warns Any effort to curb global greenhouse gas emissions and stave off catastrophic warming […]

Nothingburger? Trump Hosts Conspiracy Theorist Liz Crokin

I have absolutely no idea who Liz Crokin is, and, until it was explained in the story, what Pizzagate is. The question here is “is this something that could hurt Trump, or a big nothingburger?” Trump hosts event featuring QAnon, ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy theorist at Mar-a-Lago A prominent adherent of the QAnon and “Pizzagate” conspiracy theories […]

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