Nothingburger? Trump Hosts Conspiracy Theorist Liz Crokin

I have absolutely no idea who Liz Crokin is, and, until it was explained in the story, what Pizzagate is. The question here is “is this something that could hurt Trump, or a big nothingburger?”

Trump hosts event featuring QAnon, ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy theorist at Mar-a-Lago

A prominent adherent of the QAnon and “Pizzagate” conspiracy theories posed for photos with former President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort Tuesday night after speaking at an event hosted at the club, according to photos and videos posted to social media.

The event came two weeks after Trump had dinner at Mar-a Lago with rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, who recently spoke positively about Hitler, and far-right YouTuber Nick Fuentes, who the Department of Justice has labeled a white supremacist. The meeting sparked outrage despite Trump’s claim he did not know who Fuentes was.

Videos and photos posted to social media appear to show Liz Crokin, a prominent promoter of QAnon and pro-Trump conspiracy theories, speaking at an event at Mar-a-Lago and later posing for photos with Trump. In one photo, the duo make a “thumbs up” sign together.

Does anyone remember Obama yammering with an unhinged lunatic who eats cereal in a bathtub of milk? Or Biden constantly consorting with a guy who likes to do hard drugs and hang with hookers, and screw around with his dead brother’s wife? Oh, right, that’s Hunter.

According to social media posts, the event was billed as a fundraiser in support of a “documentary” on sex trafficking — one of the pillars of the QAnon conspiracy theory. The website for the film, which includes multiple falsehoods and claims of mass sex-trafficking in Hollywood, boasts that it is “Banned by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and PayPal.”

Mar-a-Lago often hosts events for outside groups.

“You are incredible people, you are doing unbelievable work, and we just appreciate you being here and we hope you’re going to be back,” Trump said in remarks to the crowd, according to a video of his speech.

The wild thing is that, since this is being posited by a Republican, the media wants nothing to do with investigating sex trafficing. What if they’re right? I have no idea, haven’t read a thing about it.

That said, is this another unforced error which comes back to bite Trump in the 2024 general election, provided he wins the primaries? He really, really, really should be doing everything possible to position himself as sane, rational, a guy with a plan to actually help, and much better choice than Biden or someone else the Dems put up. Someone in the comments writes

Just my opinion but I think he knows exactly what he is doing. He’s cultivating as much of a hard core fringe following as he can. The people most likely to go to extremes for him. If he wants to do a 3rd party run if the republican party rejects him then he’ll destroy any chance of a conservative winning the presidency because his base will follow him wherever he wants them to go. Trump not only gets mad but he gets even if he can.

He could have a point. Anyhow, remember, these posts are not about being anti-Trump, they’re about electability. He’s making himself unelectable. And little things like this will always be magnified by the Credentialed Media.

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9 Responses to “Nothingburger? Trump Hosts Conspiracy Theorist Liz Crokin”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    One needs to wonder why the Democratic party feels the need to defend sex traffickers.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach has not heard of Pizzagate? Recall that the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed Democrats were running a child sex/trafficking ring out of Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington DC. Edgar Welch (28) of NC, went to DC with his AR-15 to liberate the children and shot up the pizzeria; but fortunately injured no one. He received a 4 year prison sentence. THAT Pizzagate.

    Teach’s concern is if palling around with terrorists like Crokin will hurt tRump. LOL.

    Liz Crokin is a central character in promoting the QAnon conspiracy tales. The QAnon conspiracy tale is that a cabal of Satanic, cannibalistic pedophiles* operating a global child sex trafficking and pedophile ring conspired against Trump during his term in office. The QAnon conspiracy has direct roots in Pizzagate, the earlier pedophile conspiracy. The conspiracy was to culminate in “The Storm” when Trump would expose all and arrange mass arrests, trials and executions of thousands of pedophiles including the likes of the Clintons and all top Dems, Hollywood types and prominent libs.

    Said Liz Crokin: I had the privilege and honor to speak at America’s Future fundraiser to combat child trafficking at Mar-A-Lago

    Is that a tacit admission that child trafficking is occurring at Mar-a-Lago? Recall that Epstein spotted some of his victims at Mar-a-Lago.

    Ominously, Teach’s overall take on QAnon: The wild thing is that, since this is being posited by a Republican, the media wants nothing to do with investigating sex trafficking. What if they’re right? I have no idea, haven’t read a thing about it.

    And of course, the de rigueur… Hunter!!

    *The current far-right nuGOP obsession with pedophiles and ‘grooming’ represents what nuGOPhers feel is a useful strategy to link Democrats back to the outlandish false claims of QAnoners.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Claims the alleged pedophile kiddie-diddler and conspiracist himself, Rimjob.

      Give it a rest, Gramps.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Types the alleged bestialist.

        OK, Lil Skeeter.

        BTW, PeckerBreath, the state police are cracking down on NAMDLA members (North Anerica Man Dog Love Association), so don’t answer that knock on mom’s door.

      • CarolAnn says:

        Wow, dowd. You have gone nuts here before but that comment was so full of crazy shit I wouldn’t even try and take it apart. I would feel icky just responding to you.

        Are you ever gonna get out of the gutter or do you feel the need to live there as contrition? Also it’s funny how you keep wandering on and on about Q when nobody in the real world hears about them but perhaps twice a year and usually by other unhinged democommies like you.

        Your constipation, I mean conspiracy theories are getting nuttier daily. It might be time for you to move to the PR of Canada for immediate euthanasia. There is no need to continue to burden those you love with your hate and insanity.

        CarolAnn ’24

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          All the silliness on the right about grooming and pedophiles derives from QAnon. And your leader, the Mad Man of Mar-a-Lago, who happens to be the odds-on GOPher candidate for 2024, just held a fund raiser for QAnoners. So, there is that.

          It’s been alleged here many times that Skeeter has sex with animals, i.e., bestiality. But only gay sex.

          Suicide? You first, Queenie, you first.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Liz Crokin on sex trafficking:

    “Unfortunately, a lot of these organizations that have been developed in our government, such as the Amber Alert, the National Center of Missing Children, the foster care system, CPS, most of these government institutions that are supposed to save kids from pedophiles and save kids from child sex trafficking and are supposed to help kids that are at risk and are being abused and end up in these child sex trafficking rings, they’re actually fronts to traffic kids.”

    “The reason why Q, I believe, posted this — it’s pretty obvious to me — is that the Clinton Foundation has been involved in child sex trafficking for a very long time. It’s a front for child sex trafficking, but the Clinton Foundation clearly works in tandem with the organization that is associated with the human trafficking hotline. I believe what Q was trying to tell us is that that human trafficking hotline probably is used to intercept children that are crying out for help.”

  4. H says:

    Teach now claims no knowledge of PIZZAGATE?
    Would you be surprised if it had never been mentioned before in this blog
    Professor Hale wants to know why Dems are always supporting Matt Gaetz?
    Acosta the US Attorney in FL who have Epstein his sweetheart 1 year in jail for sex crimes against minors was appointed by Bush.
    As a reward for saving his pal Epstein zyrump appointed Acosta to his cabinet as Dec of Labor
    Thanks for the opportunity to mention this Hale

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