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Bummer: A GOP Wave Will Mess With Brandon’s Climate (scam) Agenda

Is this the agenda where Biden took a long fossil fueled flight (with backup jumbo jet and fighter jet protection) to Albuquerque, then a big fossil fueled convoy to his official speech (designed to reduce his cost for what is a campaign trip), then a fossil fueled convoy to his DNC speech, then back to […]

If All You See…

…is a field that would be great for solar panels, you might be a Warmist The blog of the day is 357 Magnum, with a post on a good guy with a gun stopping a brutal attack.

Brandon Says “We’re Going To Free Iran”

What does this actually mean in terms of policy? And, will Biden’s people walk this back by the time this post gets published at 1030am? Biden vows to ‘free Iran’ in West Coast campaign speech U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday vowed to “free” Iran, and said that demonstrators working against the country’s government would […]

Your Fault: Major Glaciers To Disappear By 2050

Here we go again Climate change: Major glaciers worldwide to disappear by 2050 Some of the world’s most famous glaciers, including in the Dolomites in Italy, the Yosemite and Yellowstone parks in the United States, and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, will disappear by 2050 because of global warming, whatever the temperature rise scenario, according to […]

Mayor Of Crazytown: MSNBC Democrat Says GOP Win Will Bring “Brutal Authoritarian System”

When it comes to politics, I always think of that old Simpsons bit where Marge was trying to sell real estate and Lionel Hutz said “there’s The Truth (shakes head), and then there’s The Truth (big smile).” The house is not dilapidated, it’s a fixer upper. Politics is usually the latter, right? Not with Democrats. […]

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