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Credentialed Media Concerned GOP House Will Investigate Lots Of Things

Of course, the USA Today isn’t asking one important question: how will the GOPe screw this up? What will a Republican House look like? A lot of investigations and maybe impeachment. Now that┬áRepublicans have taken the House, President Joe Biden’s agenda is likely going to stall over the next two years of his term – […]

If All You See…

…is an area flooded due to carbon pollution Bad Weather rain, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Gateway Pundit, with a post on civil war looming in Brazil.

G20 Includes Commitment To Limiting World To 1.5C

It’s wonderful that all the world leaders can take long, fossil fueled flight (and you can bet they all took fancy, large private jets) to the exotic vacation spot of Bali to tell you peasants that you’ll just have to suffer. They couldn’t do it at the climate cult conference in Egypt, nope, they needed […]

ClimaHypocrite Envoy John Kerry Says US Supports Unabated Fossil Fuels Drawdown

Well, it’s nice that the Elites are fine with this, as they can afford to pay lots of extra money to do things that do not include fossil fuels…they just don’t themselves. For the peasants, well, suck it, you’re rulers know better US Backs Tough Fossil Fuel Phase Down Pledge at Climate Summit The US […]

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Tells Brandon He’s Invoking The “Invasion Clause”

You just know that the Brandon administration will not take this well, and will threaten Texas and sue to stop Texas from *checks notes* stopping people from illegally crossing the border Texas Gov. Abbott tells Biden he is invoking ‘invasion’ clause of Constitution because of border ‘failures’ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent a letter […]

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