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Bummer: PRC’s Tax The Rich For EVs Proposition Fails

But, not because it simply would have driven more rich people who create jobs and businesses out of the state. Nope. Californians were initially enthused to slap another tax on the rich Californians Don’t Want to Tax Rich People to Help Make EVs Affordable It looks as if the state of¬†California¬†is going to have to […]

If All You See…

…is horrible spandex from fossil fuels causing heat snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on Asian babes.

Biden Plan To Tap Business To Pay For His Climate Doom Plan “Meets Resistance”

In this case, it’s not the businesses who are being resistant (but, you can bet most aren’t interested in dumping much of their earnings into a scheme to help the third word when there’s no return on investment): it’s the climate cult groups, who do not seem interested in using their own money US plan […]

We’re Saved: Actor Changes Name To Spread Awareness Of Climate Apocalypse Or Something

I’d be more impressed if he legally changed his name. Or, if he announced that he would give up his own use of fossil fuels, make his life carbon neutral, and tell all his Hollywood Comrades to do the same Actor who played Dwight on ‘The Office’ changes name to protest climate change Actor Rainn […]

Another Federal Judge Says Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Is Illegal

Who wants to bet that Biden and his people ignore the rulings? U.S. judge declares Biden’s student debt relief plan unlawful A federal judge in Texas on Thursday ruled that President Joe Biden’s plan to cancel hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debt was unlawful and must be vacated, delivering a victory to […]

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