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Bummer: Middle Schools Aren’t Teaching Much On Climate Crisis (scam)

This is giving the NY Times and lots of climate cult teachers a sad (paywalled Times piece here) What Do American’s Middle Schools Teach About Climate Change? Not Much. In mid-October, just two weeks after Hurricane Ian struck her state, Bertha Vazquez asked her class of seventh graders to go online and search for information […]

Biden Yammers About Taxing Gas Companies Or Something

Tell me you don’t understand the difference between “gross profit” and “net profit” without telling me Biden floats tax on oil companies that don’t lower pump prices, increase production President Joe Biden on Monday accused oil companies of “war profiteering,” threatening to go after their “outrageous” profits if pump prices don’t fall. Unless the industry […]

St. Greta Declines To Attend COP27, Which Is “being held in a tourist paradise”

Well, of course it’s being held in a great vacation spot: all the big wigs and attendees wouldn’t bother going if it was held in a boring spot Greta Thunberg: COP27 an opportunity for “greenwashing, lying and cheating” Climate activist Greta Thunberg on Sunday called out next month’s United Nations climate summit in Egypt for […]

Brandon Admin Says Arizona Is Trespassing With Border Barrier

It’s rather a problem when the U.S. government owns 42% of the land in the state of Arizona. Also, when the U.S. government, which is required to secure the U.S. borders per the Constitution and duly passed law, won’t Biden admin accuses Arizona of trespassing by building barrier on US-Mexico border Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey […]

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