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Canada Joins The Bandwagon Of Banning Fossil Fueled Vehicles By 2035

What’s the over/under that this exempts politicians like Justin Trudeau? Canada will ban sales of combustion engine passenger cars by 2035 Canada is joining the ranks of countries and states planning to ban sales of combustion engine cars. Canada has outlined an Emissions Reduction Plan that will require all new passenger car sales to be zero-emissions models by 2035. The government […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful big city with like minded people concerned about ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on Disney embracing evil.

Progressive Candidates: Hey, Don’t Call Us Progressives

I wonder why they don’t want anyone to call them what they really are? I wonder why they won’t label themselves what they really are? Progressive candidates seek distance from label They’re pushing for environmental reforms, embracing single-payer health care and calling for more government assistance. But increasingly, many are reluctant to call themselves “progressives.” […]

Brandon’s ‘Climate Change’ Agenda Shockingly Polls Pretty Low

When it comes to real world applications, ‘climate change’ almost always polls very low. It might be popular in theory, but, not when you put real issues with it Poll: American Voters Reject Biden’s Climate Agenda – Want Reliable, Affordable Domestic Energy American voters in strong majorities reject Joe Biden’s energy policies designed around so-called climate change […]

Atlanta Schools Implemented Cameras To Make Sure Kids Wearing Masks Correctly

This is what the mask cultists were doing in the far left Fulton County. Big Brother is always watching ‘Really alarming’: the rise of smart cameras used to catch maskless students US schools When students in suburban Atlanta returned to school for in-person classes amid the pandemic, they were required to mask up, like in […]

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