Brandon’s ‘Climate Change’ Agenda Shockingly Polls Pretty Low

When it comes to real world applications, ‘climate change’ almost always polls very low. It might be popular in theory, but, not when you put real issues with it

Poll: American Voters Reject Biden’s Climate Agenda – Want Reliable, Affordable Domestic Energy

American voters in strong majorities reject Joe Biden’s energy policies designed around so-called climate change and want reliable and affordable domestic energy.

“Just 13 respondents (1.3 percent) identified [climate change] as the most pressing issue facing the United States, and just 25 more (2.5 percent) identified it as the second most pressing issue facing the United States,” the announcement of the poll said.

“Voters don’t want the federal government telling them what kinds of cars they should buy and drive,” Stephen Moore said, co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Property. They don’t want taxes on carbon dioxide. “They don’t want the government to make energy more expensive.”

Voters are against a carbon tax and electric vehicle mandates.

  • Voters don’t want the government to make energy more expensive (by a margin of 68 points). They do not want a carbon dioxide tax (rejected by 40 points).
  • Voters reject electric vehicle mandates (63 points).  More than two-thirds (68 percent) said we don’t need government policies that force consumers to buy electric vehicles.

Oops! What do people care about? Economy, inflation, COVID, and, immigration. I’m kinda surprised Ukraine polls so low.

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5 Responses to “Brandon’s ‘Climate Change’ Agenda Shockingly Polls Pretty Low”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Love it when Brandon rage whispers.
    Gives the nation confidence in his abilities.


    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. Facts Matter says:

    This is why the democrats are desperate to get climate legislation and not climate executive action. A law is impossible to repeal. We can all thank the Late worthless John McCain who travelled the world selling arms to everyone and anyone who would pony up a few bucks for his MIC benefactors.

    Somehow it was okay to kill people by the bushel basket with spectacular weapons but it was not okay to cancel Obamacare which now gives all of us the most shitty healthcare we’ve ever had and by that I mean even the good plans that used to exist no longer do except for the Unions.

    My health care went from paying 80 percent of everything to paying just 50 percent of everything, but by golly I do get a free anual exam. That is if the fucking chickenshit doctors will even see me now since they are all horrified of Covid.

    Make it a law and it will never go away. The fate of America lies in the hands of Joe Manchin or whomever is appointed by a Republican govenor once the left has Manchin assassinated or even worse he comes down with a horrible case of scurvey and goes blind and stupid and votes YES from his hopsital bed with a gun to his head or a bomb vest wrapped around his wifes waist.

    Democrats are evil. Nancy Pelosi said just the other day “We HAVE to WIN!! The fate of our Democracy is at stake if we DON;T win!” She is right the fate of our democracy is in the hands of the patriots who fight for it, not the thiefs who steal it in the middle of tne night with cameras watching and a communist press who says PUSHAW nothing to see here.

    Just like they claimed for two years hunters laptop was fake, now they just refuse to vote on it.

    I had to hear from Australian news that the FEC just fined the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC for lying about the Russia hoax.

    Train up them poll workers America. The left is coming for democracy. Led by the most corrupt version of a mythical party ever to exist in American Politics. The Democrats. They should simply change their names to XI Worshipers and force their woke ideology down our throats while the GOP sits in dark back rooms counting their pac money and laughing at the stupid American people for trustting them with a dollar bill.

  3. alanstorm says:

    Can everyone see my “SHOCKED!” face? No? Maybe if I shift over a little…

  4. Hairy says:

    Really the only reason Biden got elected was because he wasn’t Trump

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Since fuk joe biden wasn’t elected he was appointed your point is moot.

      Only one incumbent president before Trump ever won significantly more votes on the way to losing re-election. That president, Grover Cleveland, left office in 1889 amid allegations that fraudulent balloting in several states had secured his opponent Benjamin Harrison’s victory, and four years later, President Cleveland returned to the White House after decisively defeating Harrison in a rematch. (Remember that dOwd). The 22nd and 24th president of the United States is the only man to serve two non-consecutive terms. If that changes in 2024, it will reflect the fact that, as with Cleveland, President Trump did remarkably better with the electorate the second time around, only to be handed his walking papers by fraud.

      On paper, nothing about Trump’s performance looked like anything other than a win. Losing an election looks like the Romney/Ryan debacle in 2012, in which Obama actually lost five million votes from his 2008 haul but still defeated the unelectable Republican duds. Trump, on the other hand, won more votes than any sitting president in U.S. history and took in roughly fifteen million more votes than Bush, McCain, or Romney could ever muster. He won over ten million more voters than in his previous 2016 victory, won almost every traditional bellwether county in the country by double digits, and expanded his share of the electorate with women and minorities. But for Biden being declared the winner by the press (they did their job) after four days of counting in a handful of battleground states, Trump’s impressive gains in 2020 would have been heralded as a resounding endorsement from the American people.

      That is the part of the 2020 election story that has always bothered me most. If it were stolen, and I obviously believe it was (sorry, thought police), then the theft not only denied the American people their say in their own governance and saddled the country with a dangerous, corrupt, and cognitively declining stooge, but also unfairly recast widely successful Trump policies as having been rejected by the people. That rewriting of history is as dangerous and consequential as the election fraud itself.

      In tort law, there’s a doctrine known as res ipsa loquitur — “the thing speaks for itself” — which permits the inference of a negligent act even without direct evidence because no other plausible explanation exists. The thing speaks for itself is how I’ve felt about the 2020 election. It’s how millions of patriotic Americans have believed and the unwillingness of the hard-core commie style leftists to address the election basically proves they have something to hide….and they know it.

      FJB he’s a liar, a criminal and a senile plagiarist. Plus, the creep diddled his daughter.

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