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Young Climate Cultists Leave Class To Protest Or Something

I don’t know what happened during your school days, but, if we tried to bolt school we’d be stopped and our parents called, no matter how many were involved. Why can’t these snowflakes protest after school, or on the weekends? Students leave class to raise awareness about climate change Across the globe, thousands of youth […]

If All You See…

…is a flooded world requiring everyone to live on boats, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is IOTW Report, with a post on Manny Machado doing an interview in a Let’s Go Brandon shirt.

In Poland, Biden Calls Putin A War Criminal, Tells Troops They’ll See Ukraine Firsthand

For a change, Biden’s not spending the weekend at home in Delaware or Camp David (though, will he immediately head to one of those when he gets back from Poland?) He did manage to say some very interesting things Biden calls Putin a ‘war criminal’ after meeting with troops in Poland President Joe Biden touched […]

Your Fault: Birds In Chicago Are Laying Eggs Earlier

If only you’d just surrender, give up your fossil fueled vehicle and buy and EV. Or take a bus. Or bike. Or walk Birds in Chicago laying eggs earlier due to climate change, research suggests New research released Friday shows Chicago area birds are changing their nesting habits, and it’s connected to the climate crisis. […]

Poll: Around 70% Say Biden’s Economy Is In Bad Shape

Out of the Democrats, Independents, and TDS infused Republicans who voted #LetsGoBrandon, how many utterly regret their votes? I hope none of them are complaining, because they got what they voted for Poll: About 7 in 10 Americans Say Biden Economy Is Terrible About seven in ten Americans say President Joe Biden’s economy “is in […]

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