Your Fault: Birds In Chicago Are Laying Eggs Earlier

If only you’d just surrender, give up your fossil fueled vehicle and buy and EV. Or take a bus. Or bike. Or walk

Birds in Chicago laying eggs earlier due to climate change, research suggests

New research released Friday shows Chicago area birds are changing their nesting habits, and it’s connected to the climate crisis.

Inside the Field Museum, John Bates uses the old egg collection to tackle new problems, like this.

“A lot of people think of museums as old places with old dusty data. And that’s not really true. We’re always looking for modern uses of things,” said John Bates, curator of birds at the Field Museum and the study’s lead author

He turned to eggs preserved in the Field Museum more than a hundred years ago. There are 40 to 50,000 eggs in a cramped room, including some that date back to the 1870’s.

Bates and a team of researchers compared the old data to that of eggs collected recently.

They discovered about a third of Chicago area birds lay eggs on average 25 days earlier than they did a century ago.

ZOMG, 25 days earlier! It’s doom! I’m shocked that things change. That never happened before, right? Now, can they compare this time frame with previous Holocene warm periods, several of which were warmer? But, the media received their talking points

Surrender, skeptic, surrender.

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8 Responses to “Your Fault: Birds In Chicago Are Laying Eggs Earlier”

  1. Hairy says:

    Well higher Temps in the northern part of tge northern hemisphere ( especially where white people live) might be more acceptable than higher Temps in tropical regions. Drought and warming may drive people northern.
    Do you think thst might be a problem Teach?

    • Facts Matter says:

      Do you think thst might be a problem Teach?

      While I cannot speak for the OP of this blog who graciously lets YOU call him names, I can speak for myself.

      Do I think people coming from the equator will be a problem? If you mean to the USA, No I don’t cause when trump is elected in 2024 he will finish the wall along the southern border and then build a moat full of piranha’s and anacondas and crocks. He will use the crocodile tears of AGW NAZI’s for the water to fill the moat.

      We will overcharge for natural gas for mexico and central america to air condition their houses and then they can run a pipeline from the big island of Hawaii to the mainland. Why? Because the interior of this island gets 440 inches of rainfall per year. There is your answer to drought in Central and South America.

      There its all solved.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Well, duh. Of course a sustained increase in the global surface temperature will have effects on things such as reproduction, distribution, ranges and more of flora and fauna. Nature will adjust, and humans will too.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    William Teach typed: can they compare this time frame with previous Holocene warm periods, several of which were warmer?

    Several Holocene warm periods were warmer than now? Oft repeated, rarely substantiated!

  4. Jl says:

    Your fault-cold kills far more than heat does. Study done by that notorious far right-wing blog the Lancet..

    • Facts Matter says:

      We all know that the AGW NAZI’s are all paid agitators by several pacs funded at least by Russia and most certainly China as well. Because they have the most to gain by the USA losing its collective mind and stopping fossil fuels and leaving themselves unable to defend themselves from anything except a Canadian invasion which also will not have fossil fuels to power their planes trains and automobiles.

      That being said I looked at the stats of the article by the Respected Lancet that showed 20x’s more people died from sub-optimal cold as opposed to sub-0ptimal warm. Or moderately cold vs moderately warm temperatures.

      I think like I Have been reading up on fracking being sweet, clean crude that the left is insane to stop fracking. Wall street is insane to stop fracking. It is much cleaner oil that burns cleaner and produces less pollution than does, Russian, Venezuelan and much crude produced by your standard drill and recover processes. In addition, Fracking returns huge amounts of LNG which is now needed by NATO and EU countries since the left was so bent on pounding war drums against their made-up enemy of Vlad the Bad.

      Tail wagging the dog war. This is the typical Tail wagging the dog war because the left, In power, wants everyone to stop thinking about INFLATION, COVID, and the massive amount of CRIMINALS they are letting into our country via the southern border.

      The censorship ban is starting up again as the midterms near with Patreon banning two large right-leaning influencers for saying something on Twitter they disagree with.

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