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Oops: California Climate (scam) Group Gives State A “D”

All that climavirtue signaling, all the taxes, fees, and mandates, and this is what you get (besides skyrocketing energy prices, cost of living) Environmental group gives California a poor grade on climate change The group’s recent report gave California’s political leaders their first “D” letter grade for 2021 over what it called “inaction” in addressing the […]

If All You See…

…are trees dying from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Dissecting Leftism, with a post on whether or not you should vaccinate your young child.

Biden To Waive Sanctions So Russia Can Build Iran A Nuclear Power Station

Why is Biden, along with his people, so desperate to get a deal with Iran? Does he think this will make him look good? It didn’t really help Obama. Does he think it will help his poll numbers? Does he think the American people are clamoring to do a deal with Iran? Most Americans understand […]

New And Hot: Electric Vehicle Owners Need To Pay Their Fair Share

You knew this was coming, right? Back when Obama was president, he and the other Warmists were pushing hybrids hard, but, because they used a lot less gas, there was a big loss of gas tax revenue, so, they were pimping all sorts of fees and schemes to nail those hybrid owners who were saving […]

Good News: Media Exposes Secret CIA Program In Ukraine (which Biden scuttled)

This is a Yahoo News exclusive, which, interestingly, no one else is really picking up. Could it be due to a responsibility to not broadcast secret material, or something else? Exclusive: Secret CIA training program in Ukraine helped Kyiv prepare for Russian invasion Ukrainian snipers had a problem: Russian forces in eastern Ukraine were trying […]

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