Daily Archives: March 25, 2022

Sheldon Whitehouse Is Upset That Democrats Have Never Taken ‘Climate Change’ As Serious As They Should

I wonder how many fossil fueled flights Sheldon has taken between Rhode Island and D.C.? He could take the train. And all those flights elsewhere, including climate conferences overseas? Has he replaced his fossil fueled vehicles with EVs? Downsized his house? Keep the lights of in his office? Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: ‘Democrats have never taken […]

NY Times Seems Surprised NYC Ended Vaccine Mandate For Major Sports Players

They say that the owners pressured NYC Mayor Eric Adams to end the mandate Inside New York City’s Decision to End Vaccine Mandate for Pro Athletes Less than two weeks ago, Mayor Eric Adams had a quick response to a heckler who implored him to drop the vaccine requirement that kept the Brooklyn Nets star […]

Bummer: Skyrocketing Energy Prices Could Harm EV Sales

So many people forget that it isn’t just the cost of gas and natural gas that’s going up: all other energy is going up. You can’t replace inexpensive, reliable, dependable energy with expensive, unreliable energy and not think energy costs will not go up Soaring energy costs threaten to unplug electric car revolution Rising energy […]

Brandon Let’s American’s Know There Will Be Food Shorages

We’ve already seen food shortages, which Biden and the Dems, along with their pet media, mostly refused to acknowledge. But, he now has an Excuse Joe Biden: Food Shortages ‘Going to Be Real’ Due to Russia War in Ukraine President Joe Biden acknowledged during a press conference in Brussels on Thursday that food shortages will […]

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