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Biden Admin Touts Nuclear Fusion To Help Solve Climate Crisis (scam)

Well, good on them. Some major Warmists are all for nuclear energy, such as Michael “Robust Debate (and I’ll block you)” Mann. Most, though, will disagree with Biden and his Comrades. And there’s one tiny tiny problem To Help Tackle Climate Crisis, White House Touts Nuclear Fusion President Biden wants the warmth of many suns […]

If All You See…

…is an Evil gas powered grill causing the seas to rise and hurricanes to be worse, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jihad Watch, with a post on women in hijabs learning to ride bikes. Doubleshot to clear the folder below the fold, check out Moonbattery, with a post […]

Brandon Threatens China With Sanctions And “Global Backlash” If It Backs Russia Against Ukraine

He’s trying to get all big and bad, you know Joe Biden warns Xi Jinping of ‘consequences’ if China backs Russia Joe Biden spoke for nearly two hours with Xi Jinping as the US sought to dissuade China from backing Russia’s war on Ukraine. A White House account of the call on Friday said that […]

DOD Wastes $2.6 Million On Climate Scam Study

Oh, sure, it’s only $2.6 million. Of taxpayer money. For silly stuff. That could have been used for military equipment and training $2.6M in DOD Grants to Fund Studies of Climate Change Impact on Security Two University of Maryland researchers have received awards totaling $2.6 million to study how national security and climate change intersect […]

Democrats Vote On Important Stuff: Hair Discrimination

Because the interest groups which run the party care about this stuff, and, they need to patronize their base House Democrats Vote on Alleged Anti-Hair Discrimination amid Ukraine Crisis, Rising Inflation House Democrats voted on legislation on Friday that would combat alleged anti-hair discrimination while there remains a war in Ukraine and Americans grapple with […]

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