Atlanta Schools Implemented Cameras To Make Sure Kids Wearing Masks Correctly

This is what the mask cultists were doing in the far left Fulton County. Big Brother is always watching

‘Really alarming’: the rise of smart cameras used to catch maskless students US schools

When students in suburban Atlanta returned to school for in-person classes amid the pandemic, they were required to mask up, like in many places across the US. Yet in this 95,000-student district, officials took mask compliance a step further than most.

Through a network of security cameras, officials harnessed artificial intelligence to identify students whose masks drooped below their noses.

“If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, if I send you a piece of video – it’s probably worth a million,” said Paul Hildreth, the district’s emergency operations coordinator. “You really can’t deny, ‘Oh yeah, that’s me, I took my mask off.’”

The school district in Fulton county had installed the surveillance network, by Motorola-owned Avigilon, years before the pandemic shuttered schools nationwide in 2020. Out of fear of mass school shootings, districts in recent years have increasingly deployed controversial surveillance networks like cameras with facial recognition and gun detection.

If the uber-leftist UK Guardian is calling this really alarming, be very concerned. The school system is mask optional now, so, what are the schools doing now?

But one of the most significant developments has been in AI-enabled cameras. Twenty years ago, security cameras were present in 19% of schools, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Today, that number exceeds 80%. Powering those cameras with artificial intelligence makes automated surveillance possible, enabling things like temperature checks and the collection of other biometric data.

Districts across the country have said they had bought AI-powered cameras to fight the pandemic. But as pandemic-era protocols like mask mandates end, experts said the technology will remain. Some educators have stated plans to leverage pandemic-era surveillance tech for student discipline while others hope AI cameras will help them identify youth carrying guns.

The cameras have faced sharp resistance from civil rights advocates who question their effectiveness and argue they trample students’ privacy rights.

You think? Many other schools systems implemented systems, which were used for COVID compliance in various ways, and are gathering massive amount of data on juveniles

Verkada offers a cautionary tale. Last year, the company suffered a massive data breach when a hack exposed the live feeds of 150,000 surveillance cameras, including those inside Tesla factories, jails and at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. The Newtown district, which suffered a mass school shooting in 2012, said the breach didn’t expose compromising information about students. The vulnerability hasn’t deterred some educators from contracting with the California-based company.

Many of these systems are purchased from China owned vendors. Great way to put all this data on children in the hands of bad actors, right?

In a post-pandemic world, Albert Fox Cahn, founder of the non-profit Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, worries the entire school security industry will take a similar approach.

“With the pandemic hopefully waning, we’ll see a lot of security vendors pivoting back to school shooting rhetoric as justification for the camera systems,” he said. Due to the potential for errors, Cahn called the embrace of AI surveillance in schools “really alarming”.

Where is the line between monitoring for safety and invading privacy?

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5 Responses to “Atlanta Schools Implemented Cameras To Make Sure Kids Wearing Masks Correctly”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    So the cameras were not installed in response to masking but to identify potential killers and firearms.

    Corporations benefit from selling their wares. Note the surveillance cameras EVERYWHERE, not just schools.

    • Dana says:

      The maestro from Missouri wrote:

      So the cameras were not installed in response to masking but to identify potential killers and firearms.

      Which points out that once the cameras were installed, the administration found ‘other uses’ for them.

      This is always the case: when the State adds a surveillance technique, always for a good, good reason, the state then has the tools already in place to use them for things they didn’t tell the public they would, and perhaps even for things they originally told the public they would not.

      Of course, public school teachers unions are adamantly opposed to cameras in the classroom, recording what they are attempting to teach their captive audiences!

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Of course, nuCons and even nuLibertarians adamantly support cameras in classrooms to monitor the teaching of American history and biological evolution.

        Does the Kentucky kahuna support the use of traffic cams and/or street cams in high crime areas? How about private company video surveillance that extends to public sidewalks and alleys?

        Most of the city traffic cams (red light, speed, right turn on red) are for making money rather than law enforcement. Several states explicitly prohibit them. Good!

  2. MrToad says:

    This sounds like an unforced error by the left, the teachers and their union.

    If students are now being watched, the proper administrator will tell the teachers “that means YOU are being watched by the cameras too, Einstein.”

    In the age of parental “re-commitment” to their child’s future, CRT backlash and now sexual grooming for K-3 becoming an issue, do teachers really want big brother watching them too?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Teachers are open to cameras.

      Here’s a long letter from an Iowa teacher responding to the great educator, Tucker Swanson Carlson:

      Dear Tucker Carlson,

      Hey Tuck,

      I just got done watching a segment of your show. You know, the one where you suggest that there should be a camera in every classroom in order to root out…let me get this accurate…”civilization ending poison.”

      I’m going to zig where you thought most teachers would zag. I welcome your Orwellian cameras in my classroom. Frankly, I don’t know many teachers who would object to having people watch what we do. As a matter of fact, I hate to tell you this Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, but most of us spent the last year having video cameras in our classrooms.

      In a world where school districts are struggling to recruit and maintain teachers, who is going to man your “citizen review boards” (setting aside the fact that public school teachers already answer to publicly elected school boards)? For instance, in my school district I sense you would need well over 500 cameras going every day. Who watches those 500 screens 10 hours a day (I want you watching my 7 am jazz band and my after school lessons)? What qualifications would these “experts” need to know what they were watching for? What happens when they catch a teacher teaching…let me get this right…”civilization ending poison?” Who do they report that to? I’m also curious who will pay for all of this incredible technology. Maybe I missed it, but can you point me to a K-12 institution where Critical Race Theory is being taught? Hell, can you define Critical Race Theory for all of us? I’m sure you’ve got answers to all of these questions.

      Here’s the real deal Tuck, I grew up with my mom making me eat your family’s Salisbury Steaks once every couple of weeks (his family made Swanson TV dinners) for many years. I struggle to take advice on teaching and learning from a guy whose family made a steak that, on its best day, tastes like shoe leather that has been left out in a goat pasture for a few weeks. I get that Critical Race Theory is your latest attempt to scare your easily manipulated demographic, but let’s just admit that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Who will monitor the “nannycams” daily for violators?

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