Hotcold Take: Switching To EVs Could Save 100K Lives

If only Government would force citizens to switch to EVs

US transition to electric vehicles would save over 100,000 lives by 2050 – study

st greta carA speedy nationwide transition to electric vehicles powered by renewable energy would save more than 100,000 American lives and $1.2tn in public health costs over the next three decades, according to a new report.

Analysis by the American Lung Association highlights the public health damage caused by the world’s dependence on dirty fossil fuels, and provides a glimpse into a greener, healthier future – should political leaders decide to act.

According to the report, swapping gas vehicles for zero-emission new cars and trucks in the US would lead to 110,000 fewer deaths, 2.8m fewer asthma attacks and avoid 13.4m sick days by 2050.

Interestingly, they could be correct. But, this nothing to do with ‘climate change’, but, the environment. I’ll be happy to admit that combustion engines release air pollution. Of course, what of the pollution caused by all the mining of the precious metals to create the batteries, and we really do not know the environmental damage in full caused by EVs.

The shift would lead to a 92% fall in greenhouse gases by 2050, generating $1.7tn in climate benefits by protecting ecosystems, agriculture, infrastructure from rising sea levels and catastrophic weather events including drought and floods.

Are they really saying that 92% of the greenhouse gases come from vehicles? Cult. It’s no surprise they’ve dragged in a scam to what is actually a real environmental issue.

Overall, communities of color and low-income neighborhoods would reap the biggest benefits from zero-emission technologies as they currently suffer disproportionately from air pollution and climate disasters, the study says.

Because they won’t be able to afford the vehicles?

The calculations are based on transitioning to 100% electric cars sales by 2035 and 100% electric trucks by 2040, as well as ditching dirty fossil fuels for 100% renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and nuclear by 2035.

However, given political polarization in the US and a lack of political urgency, it seems highly unlikely that oil and gas companies will stop drilling or that American car dealers will be selling only electric cars by 2035.

Joe Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) legislation, which includes historic funds for climate initiatives, has failed to move through the Senate due to stonewalling by the Republicans and the conservative Democrat Joe Manchin, the fossil-fuel friendly senator from West Virginia.

Unsurprising is the pimping of Government solutions.

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