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Indiana Lawmakers Missed A Big Chance On Teaching Kids About ‘Climate Change’

This really could have been a big learning moment for the youths Indiana students demand action on climate change. Lawmakers respond with hard ‘no.’ It’s obvious to a lot of people. To the Indiana cities that are taking steps to cut their emissions. To the Hoosier farmers who are seeing reduced crop yields from wetter […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible carbon pollution infused beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Political Hat, with a post on Canada outlawing telling someone they might not be queer.

Bummer: SCOTUS Mandate Decision Could Be First Salvo In War On Administrative State

LA Times writer David Cole writes this op-ed like reducing the power the of the federal administrative state is a bad thing (LA Times piece behind paywall, using the Yahoo edition) Op-Ed: The Supreme Court’s vaccine mandate ruling is the start of something far worse The Supreme Court’s recent decision to block the Biden administration’s vaccination-or-test requirement […]

Brandon-Harris Admin Seems Fine With EU Getting Fossil Fuels If Russia Invades Ukraine

The BHA is doing all they can to reduce fossil fuels usage here in the U.S., but, for Europe? They’re good with that, I guess because Brandon showed a lot of weakness and empowered Putin to think that invading Ukraine is fine US putting together ‘global’ strategy to increase gas production if Russia invades Ukraine, […]

COVID Today: All Visitors To US By Land Or Ferry Require Vaccination, Plus Some Passports For Kids

Unless you’re an illegal alien. Then come on in, per Brandon Admin Entering the US by land or ferry? You’ll need to be vaccinated – even if it’s essential travel. Starting Saturday, non-U.S. citizens need to be fully vaccinated before entering the country by land or ferry, even if they are traveling for “essential” purposes. The change […]

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