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The Cult Is Not Alright: CBS News Links Tonga Volcano With ‘Climate Change’

I mentioned how some climate cultists were linking the massive Tonga volcano eruption with their idiotic climate cult the other day. Now we get (via Twitchy) CBS's Nate Burleson ties the underwater volcanic eruption and 50-foot-high tsunami in Tonga to climate change: "We talk about climate change quite a bit. These stories are a harsh […]

If All You See…

…is an Evil fossil fueled vehicle causing extreme weather heat snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Irons In The Fire, with a post on punishing small children for not wearing masks in Austria.

Climate Cult Scientists Say Snowstorm Worsened By Climate Crisis (scam)

Is anyone really, truly surprised by this? This is what a cult does, link everything to their dogma. Also, this is all your fault Southern snowstorm likely worsened by climate change, scientists say The snowstorm that battered the South this weekend, leaving thousands without power, was likely exacerbated by climate change, according to leading climate […]

Around $31 Trillion At Risk From Climate Emergency (scam) Or Something

I’m actually surprised the big players in the Credentialed Media aren’t talking this up. They’re usually down with running scary fables of climate doom Cities can lessen economic impact of climate change with green infrastructure The loss of natural areas and declining biodiversity are putting the economies of many cities around the globe at risk. […]

WHO: Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic Could Maybe Be Over By End Of Year

But only if nations go full Woke COVID-19 health emergency could be over this year, WHO says The worst of the coronavirus pandemic — deaths, hospitalizations and lockdowns — could be over this year if huge inequities in vaccinations and medicines are addressed quickly, the head of emergencies at the World Health Organization said Tuesday. Dr. Michael […]

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