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Surprise: Investigators Point Towards Shed Fire For Colorado Fire

Remember how Warmists were blaming it on ‘climate change’? Drought, heavy winds, and recent warm weather created the conditions for Colorado's historic Marshall fire to flourish, say climate experts and meteorologists. https://t.co/i6VAHa43ui — Climate Signals (@ClimateSignals) January 4, 2022 How many homes need to burn down in a blazing fire in Colorado on New Years […]

If All You See…

…is a perfect spot to put up a bunch of wind turbines, far from the big cities where they can’t be seen, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is neo-neocon, with a post on the invented coup living on.

Why Are So Many Vaccinated And Even Boosted People Getting The Chinese Coronavirus?

It’s official per the Associated Press: the “vaccines” are basically flu shots Why are so many vaccinated people getting COVID-19 lately? Why are so many vaccinated people getting COVID-19 lately? A couple of factors are at play, starting with the emergence of the highly contagious omicron variant. Omicron is more likely to infect people, even […]

Surprise: California Rules Will Make Solar More Expensive

It’s already expensive, and the state of the People’s Republik Of California is requiring more and more be used to replace all the reliable, dependable, low cost oil, gas, and nuclear. So, let’s make it more expensive Tesla Fights California Law That Could Make Solar Energy Costs Soar In an announcement issued in late December, […]

Biden Comes Up With A “Plan” To Combat High Meat Costs

Up till recently, my Walmart and Lidl have mostly resisted the rising cost of foods, including meats. So, I was kinda shocked at how much pre-made burger patties had gone up. Probably around $2 from normal. Fortunately, #LetsGoBrandon has a Plan I'm sure going to war with companies responding to market cost pressures will solve […]

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