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Priorities: DHS Launches “Climate Change Professionals” Program

Cool. The government teaching mush brain idiots how to be activists to make the government change/sue the government. While doing jack squat about and illegal alien invasion Homeland Security launches ‘climate change professionals program’ amid historic illegal border crossings surge The Department of Homeland Security has announced a “climate change professionals program” while the historic […]

If All You See…

…is horrible carbon pollution caused rain, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jo Nova, with a post on coal use skyrocketing.

Justice Dept To Create Special “Domestic Terrorism” Unit Or Something

I wonder what they will be called? Maybe Stazi? That would be a good name. Who will they go after? Perhaps parents daring to question school boards? Those with MAGA bumper stickers? Those who write #LetsGoBrandon? Justice Dept. creating unit focused on domestic terrorism The Justice Department is establishing a specialized unit focused on domestic […]

Your Fault: Climate Disasters Were Deadly In 2021 Or Something

Bang that cult drum, folks, bang it 2021 was a deadly year for weather: 20 disasters killed more than 600 Americans 2021 was another catastrophic and deadly year for weather and climate disasters in the USA, federal scientists announced Monday. There were 20 separate disasters that each cost at least $1 billion in damage, the […]

Surprise: Scientists Thought COVID19 Escaped From Chinese Lab, Didn’t Want To Disrupt International Harmony

Why isn’t this information all over the news media around the world? Scientists believed Covid leaked from Wuhan lab – but feared debate could hurt ‘international harmony’ Leading British and US scientists thought it was likely that Covid accidentally leaked from a laboratory but were concerned that further debate would harm science in China, emails show. An […]

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