Your Fault: Climate Disasters Were Deadly In 2021 Or Something

Bang that cult drum, folks, bang it

2021 was a deadly year for weather: 20 disasters killed more than 600 Americans

2021 was another catastrophic and deadly year for weather and climate disasters in the USA, federal scientists announced Monday. There were 20 separate disasters that each cost at least $1 billion in damage, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported.

Overall, the U.S. disaster cost for 2021 exceeded $145 billion, which is the third-highest cost on record.

It was also a deadly year: At least 688 Americans died in disasters. That’s the most disaster-related fatalities for the contiguous USA since 2011 and more than double last year’s number of 262.

The deaths were mostly the result of extreme summer heat in the Pacific Northwest, extreme cold across the South during the February freeze, Hurricane Ida across many states and the December tornado outbreak in the South, according to NOAA.

Wait, what was that?

The disasters of 2021 include eight severe weather events, four tropical cyclone events, three tornado outbreaks, two flooding events, one drought/heat wave event, one winter storm/cold wave event and one wildfire event, which includes the devastating Marshall Fire on Dec. 30 in Boulder County, Colorado.

Yes, they are blaming the big Texas freeze even on what are supposed to be heat trapping gases. As for the Marshall Fire, remember, it is under investigation as arson or idiocy right now. Tornadoes? They’ve always happened. Same with tropical cyclones.

Jonathan Overpeck, dean of environmental studies at the University of Michigan, who wasn’t part of the NOAA report, said, “That’s exactly what I’d expect with climate change because climate change is essentially supercharging many types of extreme weather, making heat waves, droughts, wildfires, intense rainfall, flooding and storms more severe, destructive and deadly.”

Well, of course it does. They’ve manufactured the cult talking points that everything that happens is Your Fault.

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6 Responses to “Your Fault: Climate Disasters Were Deadly In 2021 Or Something”

  1. Down on the Corner says:

    The best way to save lives and mitigate climate change is to buy an electric car and let it set in the garage uncharged.

    The absolutely best way to mitigate climate change is to not eat. Stop eating meat and start eating bugs only. There are some very juicy morsels in your backyard. And certainly, if you live on the plantation run by democrats there will be lots of bugs running in the hallways and on the walls of your cell block.

    Stop consuming. Stop having babies. We will just import leftists from around the world to do the cheap dirty work and hope you DIE!!!

    We don’t need no farms, ranches or stinkin food. The only thing we need is slave labor created phones and the internet and hell Even Elon Musk wants to put chips in your head so the government can then program you to STFU and OBEY. Yes he has said he wants to put chips in everyones head for benign reasons. Yeah and I’m the pope.

    Freedom must be fought for because there are forces that want to take it away so badly because they are terrified of something that will never happen in their life times or the lifetimes of their children. Hopefully by that time we will have satisfied them by doing all the things we do now without creating co2 at all.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The best way to cut gubmint spending is to stop driving on gubmint roads, refuse Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, disability, pull kids out of gubmint schools, stop worrying about clean air and water, defund police and fire protections, refuse to pay interest on the debt, stop buying stuff (no sales taxes!), tell representatives to cut defense spending…

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Rimjob gets it wrong every time.
        But that’s what dumbasses do.

        Bwaha! Lolgf

      • Down on the Corner says:

        Dowd prophesizes the lefts position. Unfortunately you get it all wrong. Refusing to drive on government roads is what I advocated. Buy an electric car and let it set in your garage uncharged. Thank you for agreeing.

        As for SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, disability…well I am afraid that will end too if you end all the jobs your wanting to end to create your Authoritarian state. So I am glad that you agree your leftists positions are exactly what we all fear from your side.

        PUlling our kids out of school is not an option. You fired them all. Your labor unions want them to sit in front of a computer screen absent any social interaction. So I am glad you agree your plan is to confine people to the Leftist PLANTATION.

        Defund the police…yep that is what your side chants at rallies. Defund fire protections. Well that is coming soon when there is no money to pay for them. Refusing to pay the interest on the debt is of course a no brainer when there is no money to pay the interest with.

        STop buying stuff. Yeah. That is exactly your plan. Leftists believe they can print money forever and then print money to pay the interest on the printed money.

        Cutting defense spending. Of course. There is no doubt this will have to happen since the school unions want to raise a generation of socially and educationally dysfunctional children who would never want to join the military and since there is no money or FOOD to feed the military then its also a no brainer that there will be a massive cut in defense spending.

        I am glad you Agree Dowd. In your own dysfunctional way you agreed with everything I said while not realizing that you were saying it. A problem for the left. They have so many lies to cover up they can’t keep them all straight.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Mr Teach is playing dumb (we hope he’s playing). “How can global WARMING cause a Texas freeze??”

    It’s more likely he’s simply insulting the intelligence of his followers.

  3. Jl says:

    Elwood is playing dumb-after criticizing Teach even he can’t provide proof that “global warming” is the cause of events that have always happened, and will always happen. Simply because there isn’t any.
    You can tell the article is complete BS as soon as they use monetary damages as a metric to measure weather severity. Obviously, things cost more now and there’s more structures in the way of whatever event happens. Junk science at its finest…

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