Brandon-Harris Admin Seems Fine With EU Getting Fossil Fuels If Russia Invades Ukraine

The BHA is doing all they can to reduce fossil fuels usage here in the U.S., but, for Europe? They’re good with that, I guess because Brandon showed a lot of weakness and empowered Putin to think that invading Ukraine is fine

US putting together ‘global’ strategy to increase gas production if Russia invades Ukraine, officials say

The Biden administration has been in regular discussions with a number of countries and companies in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia about stepping up production of liquified natural gas to Europe in the event that a Russian invasion of Ukraine leads to gas shortages, multiple US officials familiar with the discussions told CNN.

The State Department, led by Senior Adviser for Energy Security Amos Hochstein, has in the last six to eight weeks been putting together a global strategy exploring contingency options to redirect and increase gas supplies from different parts of the world, a senior US official said.

Reuters reported last week that Hochstein had been in talks with energy companies but that increased production was not a request. The senior US official told CNN that increased production has in fact been discussed, but that companies recognize that increasing production could be risky and would take time.

The countries engaging in the talks include Norway and Qatar, the official said, but the US’ outreach has been “truly global” as Washington and allies determine what supplies will be needed to get through the winter and spring if there are gas shortages.

The discussions are in a “fairly advanced” stage, according to the senior US official, and have been aimed at reassuring nervous European allies that levying sanctions on Russia in coordination with the US will not result in an outsized blowback on the European economy. European allies have been particularly concerned about the potential for Russia to weaponize its gas exports to Europe to retaliate against Western sanctions.

Basically, expect Russia to invade soon, in the next couple of weeks, if it is going to happen. That way all those nations which get fossil fuels from Russia, needed for heating in the winter, will just turn their cheeks and shrug. Meanwhile, the BHA wants to force you out of your fossil fueled vehicle and into an EV you can’t afford and is impractical for travel, while getting rid of natural gas. And doesn’t seem too concerned about Europe using it.

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6 Responses to “Brandon-Harris Admin Seems Fine With EU Getting Fossil Fuels If Russia Invades Ukraine”

  1. Hairy says:

    Fossil fuel prices are SKYROCKETING globally. Major exporters Saudi Arabia Russia Iran are jacking up their prices and that means that we also will pay more for our oil and natural gas because multinational countries make us pay the global price, not the cost based on production costs to maximize their profits. Teach for how much longer do you want those big 3 energy exporters to be able to be in control of such an important part of the world economy? Should any attempt be made to reduce their power over the world economy?

    • Jl says:

      Johnny- it was your president Brandon that’s mostly at fault for this, after trying to limit our own production of those products. We were energy independent or close to it under Trump. Another reason prices go up is because of demand-people must be demanding more of fossil fuels than unreliables

  2. Hairy says:

    Because no one wants an EV some of the 200000+ reservation holders for the Fordightning pick up truck will have to wait for almost 2years to get delivery.
    Tesla outsells Mercedes in the USA
    Motor Trend gives Lucid its car of the year award (500 mile range)
    Teach Tesla gives about 300 mile range. How often each year do you drive more than that?

    • Dana says:

      Yet somehow, some way, only about 2% of potential new car buyers are seeking plug in electrics.

      We get it: you think that they’re great, though you have yet to tell us — unless I missed it — what plug-in electric vehicle you have bought for your own use.

      None of us are opposed to people buying plug-in electrics, if that’s what they want, though I am very opposed to the huge tax credits for doing so. But most of us are very opposed to the government forcing us to buy the silly things.

    • Dana says:

      According to The Wall Street Journal, Ford has stopped taking orders for its new Maverick gasoline-powered smaller truck because it can’t fill any more orders:

      Ford Motor Co. is taking the unusual step of cutting off customer orders for the Maverick, a more-affordable pickup that it rolled out last fall, saying it has maxed out on what it can build.

      The move is a sign that American shoppers are hungry for more-affordable options as prices for new cars and trucks hit new records and availability remains constrained on dealership lots.

      Ford told dealers Monday that it is suspending customer orders for the Maverick pickup truck because it is already straining to fill a backlog. The company will resume taking orders for the 2023 Maverick in the summer, it said in a memo to dealers, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

      “We didn’t want to take more orders than we could build,” said Dean Stoneley, general manager of Ford trucks, in an interview. “We’re getting customers who would have perhaps bought a used car and are now buying the Maverick because it is so affordable,” he said.

  3. Dana says:

    In other words, Russia potentially invading and conquering Ukraine is a good thing!

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