Indiana Lawmakers Missed A Big Chance On Teaching Kids About ‘Climate Change’

This really could have been a big learning moment for the youths

Indiana students demand action on climate change. Lawmakers respond with hard ‘no.’

It’s obvious to a lot of people. To the Indiana cities that are taking steps to cut their emissions. To the Hoosier farmers who are seeing reduced crop yields from wetter springs and hotter summers. To the high school students who are scared for what their future may look like, demanding Indiana leaders make a change.

And yet, the state legislature seems to have blinders on when it comes to climate change, according to environmental experts and advocates.

Three pieces of legislation have been proposed this session. Two bills would create task forces to tackle climate change issues. The other is a resolution that says “the Indiana General Assembly acknowledges climate change as a serious problem for Indiana.”

This is actually in the news section, not opinion where it should be.

Neither the bills nor the resolution, however, have even been scheduled for a hearing in the environmental committees they’ve been assigned to. The deadline to do so is this week.

Environmental groups across the state are frustrated, but not surprised.  (snip through some whining and explanation of the bills)

The driving force behind these bills is a student group called Confront the Climate Crisis, which launched in West Lafayette in 2020. The student-run organization now has students from communities across Indiana including Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and Gary.

They could have looked to pass laws that would have put a lot of restrictions on young kids, see how much they like it. Take it from theory to practice. Even if they weren’t serious about passing the bills, how about things that restrict the sale of fossil fueled vehicles to anyone under 30? Disallow serving any meat at publically funded schools, from elementary school through college? Deeming that AC shall not be lower than 78 and heat no higher than 65 at the schools? And so much more. See how they like it when this directly affects these students.

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3 Responses to “Indiana Lawmakers Missed A Big Chance On Teaching Kids About ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The Indiana state legislation is dominated by GOPhers (Senate 71-29; House 39-11), so it’s to be expected they would be troglodytic. The Gov, Lt Gov, Sec of State and AG are all GOPhers.

    Anyway, William Touch suggests the legislature punish the kids for their activism. Send them a message by banning cell phones etc. Understanding how right-wing legislatures function, they might do it!! Corporations, think tanks, lobbyists and out-of-state “advisers” and not the constituents, control the legislature.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Sooooo not brainwashing other people’s kids into a cult is bad Dowd? You’re such a looser it’s remarkable you can function at all.

      The Democrat radicals viewpoint of working class people falls into two categories:
      Dumb hicks with good hearts who need light direction. (J.D. Vance and Rod Dreher cohort)
      Dumb hicks who are racist, evil, and need to be reeducated or replaced. (your average progressive). I put the Dowd firmly into the latter.

      When, in all of recorded history has the side that’s doing the censoring and trying to shut people up, ignoring their pleas for fairness and justice, make them show “papers” and force them to comply with illicit edicts ever been on the side of good? Yet here comments Dowd who mistakenly (or deliberately) thinks he’s on the “right side of history” as he and his commie clown show ignores the American working man and just wants to sink their collective commie teeth into their children.

      Let’s go Brandon, so many kids to kill with fake vax, so many to F up mentally with masks and mandates and oh so many to brainwash with AGW tripe and fake Covid fear porn.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    according to environmental experts and advocates.

    Should have inserted instead “according to Rimjob and Johnnie, the retarded Buddhist stoner.”
    Would have carried as much weight.


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