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Time Magazine: AC Is Really Bad For ‘Climate Change’, Here’s How Government Can Take It Away

With it being summer and people using more air conditioning, Time Magazine is very upset. Not upset enough for them to give up their office AC, of course A/C Feels Great, But It’s Terrible for the Planet. Here’s How to Fix That For the past few days, a heatwave has glowered over the Pacific Northwest, forcing […]

If All You See…

…is a hazy day from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Patterico’s Pontifications, with a post on “Entitled Progressive White Male Governor Bullies Minority Woman to Bend the Law on His Behalf”

CNN Seems Pretty Upset About SCOTUS Voting Decision

I’m guessing the people in the airports got to see the report Supreme Court deals blow to American democracy Eight years ago, the US Supreme Court gutted a major portion of the Voting Rights Act in its infamous Shelby County v. Holder decision, making it easier for states with a history of voter discrimination to enact new […]

Washington Post: Climate Apocalypse Could Cost Condo Boards Billions

I just got done deleting a bunch of articles about climate cultists Blaming the collapse of the Surfside building on anthropogenic climate change (and, yes, a quick peak sees moron cultists on Twitter still climablaming), and then I run across this insane bit of climate crazy while looking for climate change articles, which takes it […]

D.C. AG Subpoenas Facebook Study On Bat Soup Virus “Misinformation”

Could someone direct Karl Racine to the First Amendment part about Free Speech? If Facebook, as a private entity, wants to crack down on people giving out what they consider misinformation, they can do that. That the AG of D.C. should want all this information for some reason is a good reason to do away […]

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