CNN Seems Pretty Upset About SCOTUS Voting Decision

I’m guessing the people in the airports got to see the report

Supreme Court deals blow to American democracy

crying democratEight years ago, the US Supreme Court gutted a major portion of the Voting Rights Act in its infamous Shelby County v. Holder decision, making it easier for states with a history of voter discrimination to enact new onerous voting rules. States like Georgia and Texas took notice, passing strict new voter ID laws, absentee ballot rules and a host of other provisions that make it harder for some people to vote.

Yeah, because it was pretty much unconstitutional at this point. The majority of Americans support voter ID and other measures which verify that the person voting is exactly that person and is eligible to vote.

Also, we aren’t a democracy. If Democrats, the party of slavery, Jim Crow, blocking blacks from voting, and so forth, really want to protect the system, let’s get rid of the 17th Amendment and go back to when Senators were appointed by state general assemblies.

The Court just doubled down on that attack on the right to vote.

The specific Arizona laws at issue in the Brnovich case, which the Court just decided by a 6-3 vote that fell on predictable ideological lines, are less momentous than the rule the Court laid down for future Voting Rights Act cases. Still, while upholding the Arizona laws, the Court made it much harder for voting rights advocates to protect against racial discrimination.

Yup, CNN’s Joshua A. Douglas went with the raaaaacism angle. Funny how Leftists don’t think blacks can vote like everyone else in 2021, that they need the Government to provide protection. That blacks can’t obtain proper identification.

Voting rights plaintiffs had filed suit against two Arizona laws: one says that a vote will not count if a voter goes to the wrong precinct and then, finding their name not in the poll books, fills out a provisional ballot. The other limits who can collect and return completed ballots, also known to opponents as ballot harvesting. The plaintiffs argued that the laws violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits voting rules that have the effect of making it harder for minority voters to cast a ballot that will count.

Wait, Douglas, and the rest of the Dems, are upset that the state is limiting who can pick up ballots, protecting the integrity of the ballots? Huh.

Rather than continuing with the long, whiny screed, which fails to once again note that we do not have a Democracy and that the Constitution deems that States have the power to enact most of their own voting rules, let’s go to National Review (yes, full of Never Trumpers, but, they tend to be correct and not losing their minds when Trump isn’t involved)

A Good Day for Free Speech and Free Elections

Legal constitutionalists and political conservatives have had reason to be disappointed at times with the Roberts Court, but today is not one of those days. The Court concluded its 2020-21 term with a pair of 6-3 rulings written by George W. Bush’s appointees (Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito) and joined by all six Republican appointees to the Court. Both reached the right conclusions. Both will advance the progress of the law toward a vibrant space for democracy, by protecting free speech and free and fair elections. (I’m skipping past the part related to California)

Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee upheld two Arizona laws that are common across many states: a ban on counting provisional ballots if they are cast in person in the wrong precinct, and a ban on “ballot harvesting,” preventing activist groups from collecting and handling another person’s completed mail-in ballot. Both types of rules are regularly decried as “voter suppression” by hysterical Democrats. The Court properly found that Arizona had a legitimate interest both in assigning voters to precincts and in protecting the sanctity of the secret ballot from the threat of voter intimidation or fraud presented by third parties handling ballots. (snip)

The Court’s renewed focus on the language of the law passed by Congress, and its guidance in how to apply it in practice, is welcome. The doors of the federal courthouse should always remain open to protect all Americans — and black Americans in particular, given the nation’s painful history — from laws that result in real discrimination in who is able to vote. But federal law was never intended to put every state in the Union in a permanent straitjacket to the point where even temporary emergency voting rules adopted to manage a once-in-a-century pandemic can never be revisited. Brnovich is bad news for junk lawsuits such as the Justice Department’s suit against Georgia. But it is good news for letting the people’s representatives protect free, fair, open, and orderly elections. Trust in democracy requires nothing less.

Even NRO drops “democracy”. It’s an easy term in this case, meant to denote being able to vote. Anyhow, SCOTUS noted that there is nothing in the Voting Rights Act that precludes states from putting mild inconveniences on voters in order to protect the sanctity of the vote.

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6 Responses to “CNN Seems Pretty Upset About SCOTUS Voting Decision”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    States like Georgia and Texas took notice, passing strict new voter ID laws, absentee ballot rules and a host of other provisions that make it harder for some people to cheat.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. est1950 says:

    Slam dunk for the Constitution. Voting is a right but it like ALL RIGHTS are subject to LAWS. The states are tasked with voting in their respective states and to prevent CHAOS they must pass laws and regulations that dictate the means and the methods for voting in an orderly way.

    The SCOTUS ruled that the lower court was wrong in concluding that Arizona violated the Voting Rights of minorities. Just as we must have a picture ID to do a 1000 things we also must have a picture ID to vote IF the State so chooses. It is not any more unfair for a black person to get an ID than it is for a white person or an Asian person. The argument has always been ludicrous by the left who relies on screaming RACISM and the right backs down.

    Anyone notice the right is not backing down this time and Trump is surging in popularity and even Harris is expected to lose if she runs against the GOP in 2024?

    All across America the right is finally STANDING UP as they SHOVE THOSE FUUKKING R I N O’s out the door along with the SOCIAL REPUBLICAN that Meghan McCain liked to call herself.

    I guess that’s like a Social Democrat or something.

    This ruling will embolden the rest of the states to pass more restrictive voting laws which will ensure voter integrity and not turn this damn country into a banana republic. About time the SCOTUS grew a pair and ruled constitutionally.

  3. est1950 says:

    The United States Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision to uphold an Arizona law that prohibits votes from out of the district to be counted, and ballot harvesting where third parties collect absentee or mail-in ballots, is forcing congressional Democrats to move swiftly to pass bills that would deregulate voting in states, and potentially federalize some elections.

    “The court’s decision, harmful as it is, does not limit Congress’ ability to repair the damage done today: it puts the burden back on Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act to its intended strength,” President Joe Biden said in a story by CBS News Friday.

    The president of the United States in both OBAMA, TRUMP and NOW BIDEN are calling decisions by the SUPREME COURT as harmful. Yes Trump did it but the first to outwardly go after the SCOTUS was Obama even going so far as the chastise them in the State of the UNION address which was so scathing that some of the SCOTUS Judges now routinely skip these events.

    Once again the Dems were so ecstatic at the amount of voter fraud from 2020 and the results, that they are now camapigning and protesting to FEDERALIZE the ELECTION SYSTEM.

    IF WE ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS IN LAW…IT WILL NEVER BE UNDONE….SEE OBAMACARE for an illistration of what happens when the FEDS make a law.

    IF WE DO THIS…..Elections will become chaotic. One only needs to look to nations where the government dictates how an election is run to see the over reach by the people who would be in charge. One of the many things that always made the USA strong was 50 state governments, 1000’s of county governments and 10,000’s of thousands of local governments all working to ensure the welfare of it’s citizens.

    With The vote of HALF the Elected officials most of whom will be gone within the next 10 years they can fundamentally change who America is. Standby for my top 10 places that are easy to move too according to our immigration law department.

    • est1950 says:

      I do the work so you don’t have too.

      Top 10 countries that makes moving and living there easy and attractive.

      Peru, Belize, Ecuador, Panama, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada and finally in no particular order Italy and I have to add Mexico if you can find a place without cartels wanting to kidnap rich Americans for ransom.

      These are the 10 easiest countries to move to. Sweden and New Zealand are extremely expensive. Denmark, Canada, Sweden and New Zealand are leftist countries where you will find limited free speech and in Sweden’s case, excessive taxes, but hey healthcare is basically free in that country.

      Belize is my favorite to be honest considering it only has 500,000 people in the entire nation and the main language is English. Real Estate is cheap and My family is looking into selling our home in Ecuador and moving to Belize.

      Ecuador is outstanding if you avoid a few places that can get you killed. Like the USA. Ecuador has a great healthcare system that is not free but it is cheap. You have to pay for it monthly but the cost is about 180.00 per month per person for a supplemental insurance that covers what the nationalized healthcare does not. Do not expect a clinic on every corner. Stores are modern and believe it or not they look much like a Krogers etc. in the USA only on a smaller scale.

      Now having said all the above. To move from the USA to any country will set you back at least 10,000 dollars plus. I highly recommend finding someone in the country of your destination and pay them to walk you through your new country. There are many services that do this, helping you to establish a bank account, find a home in a safe neighborhood, translate to the native tongue, help you with getting your visa’s in order etc…etc.

      You can also find a driver who will for 20-40 dollars per day drive you nearly all day even a 100 or so miles one way to do things like this. Your liason will set this up for you and obviously the more your willing to pay the more they LIKE YOU. These people are sweet and kind and generous to a fault and by that I mean in South America.

      Americans tend to be treated with a high degree of intolerance in Europe. Especially places like Italy, France, Germany and Denmark. There is a joke. If you are multi lingual you must be from Europe or South America if you only speak one language you must be an American. Be prepared in all but the central and south American countries, to be treated with disrespect until you learn the language, customs and traditions of your host country if you are going to a non English speaking country.

      You can direct deposit your retirement or paycheck into a foreign bank or you can keep your own but in every case be prepared to have a local bank because almost most countries do not want to deal with you paying them for services and goods from a bank that is not from their own country.

      Now you know 1 percent of what it takes to move out of the USA. Or you can stand up and fight this BS, but if your conservative or even a lefty who thinks the insane left is going to far you HAVE TO PUSH BACK or it will go down with a whimper. The fate of this country is up to you and I don’t MEAN VIOLENCE, I MEAN ACTIVISM and PUSHBACK in a peaceful manner.

  4. Kye says:

    This Republic wasn’t created “in a peaceful manner” nor will it be saved that way. Freedom in America is under attack from all sides, from the government itself to the media, big business, academia and education, even the military.

    The time for “activism and pushback” were when the left first reared it’s ugly head in the colleges and schools. Now that they are brainwashing the military it’ s way too late for that. Now that they murder unarmed Americans and throw them in solitary for protesting it’s too late for that. Now that they have successfully stolen a national (and now a NY state election) it’s too late for that. Now that they have raised gays, blacks and illegals to super-citizen status to the point where the slightest word renders one “cancelled” it’s too late for that. And now that they have taught your children to be at minimum embarrassed by America if not to hate it all together, and all it’s White people are oppressor’s and White supremacists it’s too late for that.

    We’ve seen what they do to “activism and pushback”, they call it insurrection and treason murdering and imprisoning those who try it. They leave Freedom loving Patriots little choice than to do what our Forefathers did. Fight for our Freedom.

    Bill Ayers (a typical Elwood sort of neo-nazi/commie) said in 1970: “to succeed in overthrowing the government we would need to kill 25 million Americans who would not conform to the new order”. That’s when our US population was 205 million. It’s not hard to see he was referring to about 15% of our population. Today that translates to about 52 million dead Americans. You know, just a statistic.

  5. ruralcounsel says:

    The Left opposes anything that makes elections transparent and fair. They need to cheat to win.

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