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The Climate Cult Cannot Afford To Be Optimistic On Climate Emergency Doom Or Something

Other than being optimistic on enabling Government authoritarianism, are they optimistic on anything? Or, is it primarily doom and gloom? Why the left cannot afford to be optimistic about climate change Two reports released this month communicated in stark terms that whatever we may once have hoped about the future, even as recently as 18 […]

If All You See…

…are horrible, evil, no good straws which are bad for climate, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 357 Magnum, with a post on self defense in California. Don’t forget to recycle and dispose of straws properly. You don’t have to be a Warmist to be environmentally responsible. Two different […]

What’s Better Than $15 Minimum Wage? Voice Recognition Drive Thru’s

We’ve seen workers replaced with self ordering screens. Companies are working on more and more automation to avoid paying workers in low skill positions more than the job is worth. Here’s a new one A restaurant owner says raising wages to $15 would solve her labor shortage – but she’d have to hike menu prices. […]

“America’s leadership on climate change will define its global standing”

You’d think that a retired Marine general would remember that America saved the world multiple time, from WWI to WWI to the Cold War, to providing protection for European and other nations, to spreading Freedom. But, no, Brigadier General Stephen Cheney, who has seemed to link himself to a hardcore leftist agenda and groups, has […]

CNN: It’s Just So Terrible That Republican States Aren’t Following Sleepy Joe’s Agenda

It is terrible, because Democratic Party run states totally listened to Donald Trump and followed his agenda, right? America’s partisan fireworks will be hard for anyone to put out While July Fourth is the holiday that most directly celebrates Americans’ common heritage, this year it comes as their extreme divides underscore how difficult it has become for […]

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