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Climate Crisis Emergency Doom Is Reducing San Francisco’s Fog!

Um, whether climate change is mostly/solely man-caused, mostly/solely natural, or some combination, wouldn’t this be a good thing, since fog leads to crashes, one of the leading causes of deadly accidents? Climate Change Decreasing Bay Area Fog The Bay Area is known around the world for it’s classic fog pattern that rolls through the Golden […]

If All You See…

…is a building with a drive-thru for horrible fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is This ain’t Hell…, with a post on your Wednesday feel good stories.

COVID Today: Macron Makes Mandates, Sebelius Wants Unvaccinated Banned

Have fun, French people France’s Macron orders all health workers to get vaccinated French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday ordered all French health care workers to get virus vaccine shots by Sept. 15 and urged all of his compatriots to get vaccinated as soon as possible, to fight resurgent infections that are threatening the country’s […]

EU Readies Sweeping Climate Crisis (scam) Plan, And All Sleepy Joe Gets Is A Trade War

Dementia Joe, John Kerry, and other members of the administration have spent a lot of time yammering on the coming doom from ‘climate change’, and have spent a lot of time talking to European leaders. Kerry and others have take cross-Atlantic fossil fueled flights for those talks. And what is the EU doing? EU Readies […]

Panel Rules New Abe Lincoln Statue Would “Widen Racial Inequality”

Remember when Democrat (and NeverTrumper) politicians and news media derided President Trump for saying that the moonbats would come after Lincoln, Washington, Jesus, and so many other statues, memorials, art, and so forth? Then the BLM/Antifa/Progressive nuts came after them immediately? D.C. Racial Equity Office Rules Lincoln Emancipation Statue Will Widen Racial Inequity A government […]

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