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North Carolina Man Charged With Placing Mean Stickers

Wait, what? Cary man charged with placing racist stickers at Mexican restaurants. What they said A Cary, NC man has been arrested after police say he placed “I (heart) being white” stickers in and around two Mexican restaurants over the weekend. John Kantz, 60, has been charged with ethnic intimidation, said Capt. John Reeves, a […]

If All You See…

…are palm trees that will soon grow in Canada due to ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Green Jihad, with a post noting that the CDC and Biden admin want Americans to mask up, but not illegal aliens.

NY Times: Delta Variant Could Totally Slow Economic Growth/Recovery

Poll after poll show a lack of faith in Sleepy Joe and his administration when it comes to economic matters, along with concerns about the state of the economy and the recovery. And in comes the NY Times Will the Delta Variant Wreck the Recovery? The good economic news, when it comes to the ascendant […]

Hotcold Take: NATO Should Invoke Article 5 To Fight Climate Crisis (scam)

Is anyone else disturbed on using our military, and those of the other NATO members, to “combat” the climate emergency (scam)? What, exactly, would this look like? Where would they be fighting it? How would they be fighting it? What kinds of restrictions will be placed on citizen’s lives? Will they be using firearms to […]

CDC, Nancy Pelosi Reverse Positions On Masking

Will people comply with new mask mandates? Tucker Carlson makes a good point, which you’re surely making in your head at the same time (Fox News) Millions of children will now be required to cover their faces in school — this despite the scientifically established fact that masks pose a far greater threat to children […]

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