North Carolina Man Charged With Placing Mean Stickers

Wait, what?

Cary man charged with placing racist stickers at Mexican restaurants. What they said

Bill Of RightsA Cary, NC man has been arrested after police say he placed “I (heart) being white” stickers in and around two Mexican restaurants over the weekend.

John Kantz, 60, has been charged with ethnic intimidation, said Capt. John Reeves, a spokesman for the Cary Police Department.

Stickers were placed on cars outside On the Border on Walnut Street, and in the restroom of Totopos Street Food and Tequila on Kildaire Farm Road, Reeves said.

Both incidents were reported between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. Saturday, according to police reports obtained by The News & Observer.

In a statement Tuesday, On the Border said it was working with law enforcement to “identify the individuals and take appropriate action.”

“We deplore the actions of these individuals and stand in solidarity with all communities of color,” the emailed statement said. “We will never tolerate behavior of this kind and these individuals are no longer welcome in our restaurants.”

Huh what? I can certainly understand the person (and if there are any more “persons of interest”, as further noted, them) being banned at the restaurants. I could even understand a very minor vandalism charge for damaging cars (of course, most of the people who rioted last year were let off scott free. Same with those who damaged the Confederate statues. Regardless of the propriety, and I’ve never been a fan of them. They lost), but, what the heck is “ethnic intimidation? Is that like Wrongthink? I’m pretty darned sure that both the federal Bill of Rights and the NC Constitution (Article 1 Section 14, most specifically) allow freedom of speech. There’s no threat of bodily harm or other harm. Free speech is to protect speech that people do not like/agree with. I think he’s an a-hole for doing this, but, he’s Constitutionally allowed to be an a-hole in this manner.

He was seriously arrested on this minor misdemeanor. For Free Speech.

BTW, I’m against the banner for it’s use of the F word, obscenity and such has no place in public, poor morals, decorum, and propriety. I don’t like it regardless of whether political or not. And, before anyone says it, we’ve seen just as bad, and usally worse, from Trump haters, Bush 43 haters, Cruz haters, etc.

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6 Responses to “North Carolina Man Charged With Placing Mean Stickers”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    BTW, I’m against the banner for it’s use of the F word, obscenity and such has no place in public, poor morals, decorum, and propriety.

    While I would never use such language and counsel others to not use the F-word or other four letter words when speaking to City Councils, boards, etc., the fact of the matter is that the town cannot censor the signs like they did.

    The f-word did not meet the town’s own ordinance in defining “obscenity.” The local judge who had far too many ties with the City and the City Council, should have recused himself from the case but did not.

    As stated in Matal v. Tam, “but the proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express “the thought that we hate.”

    The judge in this case just didn’t like the f-word. That was the basis for his decision.

    While the town dropped the case against the woman and her signs on the fence, they offered no “mea culpa” and instead said that they were dropping the case because of the attention the case gave the town:

    Through its attorney, the town said it decided to dismiss the charges against Dilascio after considering its impact on residents but that it stands by the municipal judge’s upholding of the summons issued to her.

    “The continued attention garnered by the inappropriate display and the escalating costs to the taxpayers of continuing to litigate the matter causes far greater harm to the Borough, as a whole, than good,” the town’s statement said.

    The town said it will be reviewing ordinances related to the case “to ensure that local laws continue to promote the Borough’s values.”

    Once again, while I agree with Teach that like him, I would never use such language, the fact of the matter is that the First Amendment forbids the type of censorship and fines for speech of which they disapprove.

    The town is going to “review ordinances” to make sure they “promote the Borough’s values.”

    In other words, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

  2. Kye says:

    The First Amendment means exactly what the left says it does. Just ask Zuckerberg or Bezos.

  3. Dana says:

    During the Vietnam war protests, Paul Robert Cohen wore a jacket bearing the words “F*** the Draft” into a Los Angeles courthouse and was charged with violating the state’s breach-of-the-peace law. The Supreme Court reversed his conviction in Cohen v California, 403 U.S. 15 (1971). Justice John Harlan, in the majority opinion, stated that Mr Cohen’s conviction was based solely on speech, and not any separately identifiable conduct. The ‘F’ word may be distasteful, but it remains protected speech.

    Of course, I typed out “F***” rather than the actual word Mr Cohen had on his jacket simply to not get this comment caught up in the site’s moderation filter.

  4. Dana says:

    If “I (heart) being white” counts as “ethnic intimidation,” why wouldn’t Black Lives Matter? After all, the BLM movement exists to get reduced law enforcement against black criminals, allowing dangerous criminals to stay out on the streets. (The other purpose if BLM is to guilt cute little white girls into giving black thugs white [insert slang term for the vagina here].)

    You cannot have ethnic or sexual minority or racial pride speech for every non-American or non-normal or non-white group being good and noble and prideful, and concomitantly call messages of pride in being white or normal or American some form of intimidation.

    Mr Kantz could possibly be charged with defacing private property, but if he placed any of those stickers on, say, telephone poles on which other advertising banners or stickers were tolerated, he should be immune from any prosecution.

  5. est1950 says:

    Patriot Phone.

    Look it up. The left is crazed. Silicone Valley is crazed. Big Tech is beside themselves. They war is on to deplatform the phone before it has a chance to prove itself.

    Who would be the most angry at this phone. The CIA, FBI, NSA, Mossad, MI6 etc.

    Incidently did you know that your messaging apps are not secure. Ie. Snap Chat, FaceTime, Whats APP.

    Horribly insecure. My wife sent my Drivers license to my daughter the other day. Using one of these apps without my permission and I was livid. It was for my Covid shot. Now the entire internet has my drivers license number because my wifes phone is an insecure phone.

    HOW do you make an app secure. Okay there is an APP that is called SIGNAL. It has been penetrated by the FBI but only in that they can by pass the front end and back end of the transmission and intercept the content.

    How do you get around this? YOU USE A VPN on your phone. Anyone not using a VPN on your phone is crazy if you value your individual freedom of speech. Since 911 the world and the USA in particular has lost their minds and have gone the way of the Nazi Fascists of WW2. The left had it right when the patriot act was first passed. The right supported it, the left hated it and marched in the streets.

    Now the left ADORES the patriot act and the right hates it. Why? Well of course it is because the patriot act has been turned on the right. IN FACT did you know that the entire Jan. 6th was set up by the FBI. In fact FBI agents plotted January 6th with those proponents and gave them every means to raid the capitol and even made sure the Capitol Police was no where to be found that day so that the 100 or so crazed madmen could be sure to infiltrate the capitol.

    I bet you haven’t heard this on the Main Stream Media.

    but I digress. Get rid of your Iphone, Android and Microsoft smart phones if you value your privacy. IF not, then go right ahead and be a conservative giving the FBI, NSA, NDI, CIA and the rest of the world your personal thoughts. And Oh by the way. Throw away Alexa, Dot and any other device that pretends to be your friend in your home. They are nothing but Google, Apple, and Amazon spies on your family.

  6. Kye says:

    “The ‘F’ word may be distasteful, but it remains protected speech.”

    I assume the brilliant jurist would have the same decision had Cohen (ever notice how they’re almost always Jewish?) walked into St Patrick’s with a jacket bearing the words “F**k G*d”?

    I typed “F**k” and “G*d” because I didn’t want to get caught up in the sites “Good Taste and non blasphemy” filter.

    Another of those small death of a thousand cuts that has reduced all of our society, men, women and children to foul-mouthed pigs relying on morons in black robes to set the lowest standards possible. Reminds me of “All gays want is equal rights” and next they’re swinging their dicks in little girls faces at Wi Spa. Cool. Or, “Twitter can ban any speech it wants cause it’s ‘a private company’. Except when they are working in collusion with the government they ain’t “private” no more. Like Krupps, Porsche or Mercedes making arms for Hitler.

    The rapid advancement of every bad idea is astounding. Funny thing is I think the whole idea of Free Speech was to protect political and religious expression which oddly enough seems the only speech NOT protected today (at least if you’re a Trump supporter).

    Try walking into a court with “F88k Blacks” on your jacket and tell me all about Free Speech.

    Free Speech is exactly what the leftist elite says it is. No more, no less. And it changes with each new narrative and/or victim group. For example: when is a protest an insurrection? When the leftist elite says it is. But when is burning down cities, killing dozens of people and looting businesses a “mostly peaceful protest”? When the commies in charge say it is.

    Welcome to the Biden Junta’s America.

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