Washington Post: Climate Apocalypse Could Cost Condo Boards Billions

I just got done deleting a bunch of articles about climate cultists Blaming the collapse of the Surfside building on anthropogenic climate change (and, yes, a quick peak sees moron cultists on Twitter still climablaming), and then I run across this insane bit of climate crazy while looking for climate change articles, which takes it to a new level

Climate change could cost condo boards billions. They aren’t ready for it.

The collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium building in Surfside, Fla., is a terrible tragedy. Besides the stories of the victims and their grieving loved ones, early attention has focused on the causes of the collapse, such as how the building was constructed, the effects of saltwater on reinforced concrete and whether the condominium association was properly maintaining the high-rise.

Those are important matters, but the disaster exemplifies a bigger problem, one that will still loom once we have answers about what went wrong in Surfside: The untrained, unpaid and unsupervised volunteer directors of the nation’s more than 350,000 condo and homeowners’ associations, armed with limited financial resources, are expected to deal with the unprecedented infrastructure challenges that climate change poses to their communities. And there is no reason to believe that they are up to that task.

Well, I’m glad that Evan McKenzie, who teaches in the political science department and the law school at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is here to tell us that Doom is coming. Remember when we were only supposed to listen to actual climate scientists? Regardless, what you have here is the Cult of Climastrology doing what they do best: taking one incident, blaming it on their cult belief of ‘climate change’ doom, then expanding this one incident to say that there is going to be much wider Doom soon.

As condos and HOAs blossomed across the country in the last 50 years, little or no thought was given to the eventual effects of climate change, in terms of location or construction quality. The common-interest housing sector emerged in the 1960s as a way to put more people on less land, increasing developer profits and local property tax revenue. The model spread rapidly, and condos and HOAs are now the default options for new construction in many states, not just across the Sun Belt where they originated but in older metro areas as well.

Now, McKenzie does seem to have a pretty good knowledge about HOAs and condos, having written several books on the subject, but, has he asked why so many grand high poobahs in the Cult of Climastrology, like Barack Obama, have purchased homes so close to the ocean. And, no, no one cared 50 years ago, and seeing how so many companies continue to put up buildings near the ocean, no one cares now. You don’t have to throw in the climate emergency when discussing putting up tall building near the ocean in areas that do not have a lot of bedrock, aren’t that far above sea level, and areas that are prone to violent storms. After a long lead up about the pitfalls of privately run HOAs, we get

In effect, condo and HOA developments are a huge experiment in privatization of local government functions, and sometimes the offloading of government responsibilities goes too far. We can expect a condo or HOA board to handle garbage collection, get the leaves and snow removed from private streets, and broadly live up to its responsibilities to residents. But when private communities took off in the 1960s, we didn’t even know what climate change was. We cannot realistically expect condo boards to prevent damage from sea level rise, more-frequent severe storms, extreme heat and drought, and other major changes in the environment — especially not in buildings that weren’t built to withstand such conditions. If the proliferation of condos and HOAs is to continue in the time of climate change, federal, state and local governments must play a more supportive, directive and protective role. Otherwise, millions of owners and their volunteer community leaders will be swamped by forces beyond their control.

In other words, the Government should take over running of condos and HOAs. Who is surprised that a climate cultist wants to go this route? It seems that Government control is part and parcel of the climate cult doctrine.

Oh, and as for climate apocalypse

How to cope with the climate apocalypse

The Financial Times screed is behind a true paywall, but, the point here is that it is really one of the first instances I’ve seen of a major news outlet using that phrase, climate apocalypse, for real, after those of us on the Skeptic side have used it to make fun of the climate cult.

BTW, there are some who are already linking the D.C. building collapse Thursday to ‘climate change’.

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4 Responses to “Washington Post: Climate Apocalypse Could Cost Condo Boards Billions”

  1. est1950 says:

    Imagine if you will a world filled with High Rises built by the authoritarian GREEN Militia. Supervised by the Militant Greens, as our homes are taken from us and we are all forced into high-rises because the world has suffered catastrophic shortages because Covid-2028 is continuing to kill a few thousand people per day.

    Imagine if you will a 40 story high rise collapsing. Imagine if you will the response of the GREEN MILITIA to such an incident. Herd what is left of the citizens to another condo just being finished, with the cheapest materials, with little regulation by the cheapest bidders.

    Imagine if you will Mexico building a border wall to the United States to keep those fleeing the USA into Mexico for Freedom even if it means living on the streets and eating from dumpsters. Imagine if you will Coyotes now being American citizens getting paid to beat the wall and the border police of Mexico and the USA to get you to the safety of Mexico.

    Imagine a world the leftists led secretly bh China wants for YOU. Because it is the basis for my next book hitting bookshelves in less than a year. This one however will need to be self published because none of the houses want anything to do with its contents.

    Cancer(Cancel) culture will come for them if they touch this with a ten foot pole.

  2. Hairy says:

    Imagine if you will American Insurance companies raising their rates because of climate change
    Insurance companies are raising rates because they see their risk liability increasing
    These are capitalists in a conservative business that are concerned
    Teach knoes better?

    • Kye says:

      Stop using the communist word “capitalist” since you obviously have no concept of it’s meaning.

      Imagine if you will a neofascist America wherein the government allows leftist leaning insurance companies (which most are) to raise their rates based on an unproven theory which has in aggregate never made a correct prediction about climate change effects or provable causes but continues to be allowed to broadcast it’s propaganda as “fact” or “truth” to an unsuspecting croup of American children and mentally unstable adults.

      Imagine also the same neofascist American government uses this very template to repeat the process with black racist propaganda and anti White propaganda such as CRT and the 1619 Project to the detriment of our culture, history, and nation.

      Just as you leftist dogs used the election steal of 11/20 as a template to steal NYC elections this week leftists never admit their evil intent nor their lack of morals and Truth. Even when murdering unarmed innocent White women by unknown “cops” in demonstrations about that very election steal.

      Grill if you want, but I won’t condone the delusion that we have freedom or liberty when the state is occupied by alien foreigners and sociopathic liars who use the NSA to spy on journalists, the “Justice” Department to jail and torture protestors for the crime of trespassing, and the FBI to persecute the enemies of the party in power. So, we should consider leaving this holiday behind … and its symbols and traditions. They only serve to brainwash our people into accepting the legitimacy of their oppressors. One day, perhaps, Patriots Day (Jan 6th) will replace it or better yet Ashli Babbitt day to commemorate the murder of a White martyr similar to MLK Day is for blacks. Or are White people not permitted martyrs in the “rethinking America” paradigm? That day will be like a new Thanksgiving and not just a gaudy excuse for badly grilling chicken and hotdogs and popping off fireworks made in other countries. Maybe that too will be poetic.

    • Jl says:

      So, we imagine they’re raising their rates and then they are raising their rates. Which one is it, imaginary or real? Oh I forgot-another post from John…First of all, I’ve never seen insurance companies lower their rates on structural damage, even before CO2 became terrifying. And there’s no proof severe weather events are becoming any more frequent than before. Simply, things cost more now, so….rates go up. .

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