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Interesting: Vaccinated People Less Likely To Engage In Public Activities That Unvaccinated

What could be the reasons for this? I know plenty who aren’t vaccinated. Some because they do not take shots like that, not even a flu shot. Some don’t trust that the vaccines haven’t been fully through CDC vetting process. Some just don’t think it’s necessary. Might those be the ones most likely to be […]

Democrats Considering User Fees To Pay For Their “Infrastructure” Plan

As they force you to be Watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside), Democrats are looking to make you pay for it Democrats open to user fees for infrastructure deal Some Senate Democrats are open to paying for a compromise infrastructure package by imposing user fees, including increasing the gas tax and raising […]

If All You See…

…is a perfect area for a solar or wind farm, far from the big cities so you don’t have to look at it, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 90Ninety Miles From Tyranny, with a post on the way white people walk on sidewalks being raaaaacist.

TDS: Ellen Degeneres Blames Trump For Her Show Ending

It certainly couldn’t be the utterly toxic environment reported to be on her show, right? Nor how so many have said she is just really awful? I don’t know how many articles I saw the headlines for last year while scrolling Yahoo News and other outlets that had people coming out of the woodwork slamming […]

New One: Climate Crisis (scam) Affecting Space Junk

This is a new one, but, then since the Cult of Climastrology is always dragging more and more stuff into their doomsday ideology, it should be expected, and the timing is interesting after that huge Chinese piece of space crap crashed the other day Space junk could be made worse by increasing climate change There […]

China Joe Decides It’s A Good Idea To Threaten Those Who Aren’t Vaccinated

Now, you certainly heard by now about the CDC saying that the fully vaccinated can ditch the mask indoors except in times of crowds, though they don’t really explain what they mean. Is that when you’re in the supermarket with normal capacity? Or only when it is 2am? Also, what does this mean for those […]

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