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Surprise: Farmers Believe In Climate Change, Just Not Anthropogenic

Hey, you know all the talking points that farmers are super concerned about climate change? About that Farmers Believe In Climate Change But Don’t Think Humans Are The Cause, New Poll Shows A new poll shows farmers overwhelmingly believe climate change is real and will create significant weather problems but do not think it’s caused by […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible rising sea because Other People eat meat, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 357 Magnum, with a post on a Florida woman going for a drive. Lindsay Wagner, of The Bionic Woman fame. Doubleshot below the fold, so check out The Other McCain, with a post […]

Cancel Culture: Isaac Newton And George Floyd Murals

Turning science class into social (justice warrior) studies Isaac Newton Latest Historical Figure Swept Up in ‘Decolonisation’ Drive Sir Isaac Newton has been labelled as a potential beneficiary of “colonial-era activity” in draft plans to “decolonise” the engineering curriculum at Sheffield University. Students learning about the mathematician and scientist’s three laws of motion, the core of modern […]

Kids Will Face Wars Over Food And Water In Future From Climate Crisis (scam)

Wars have never happened before over those things, right? Remember things like the French Revolution, when they had trouble growing crops? Oh, right, that was during the Little Ice Age. But, this is not about rationality, it’s cultish scaremongering. And it’s about “We” needing to sacrifice, meaning “Other People need to be forced, not me, […]

Boston Globe Thinks It’s A Great Time For Employers To Force Employees To Get Vaccinated

The question now becomes “do other newspaper editorial boards follow suit?” It’s time for employers to impose vaccine mandates Despite the widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccines to health care workers in the United States, there still appears to be a stubborn resistance to getting them among nursing home staff. And unfortunately, that resistance has proved […]

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