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Climate Cult Very Upset Over Developing Oil Fields In Africa, Enriching Those “Minorities”

Why do the climate cultists not want black people in Africa to have the same rise in living conditions from fossil fuels that privileged, white liberals have had in the 1st World? A Canadian oil firm thinks it has struck big. Some fear it could ravage a climate change hotspot Syringa trees rise out of […]

If All You See…

…is an area turning to sand from carbon pollution drought, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Knuckledraggin My Life Away, with a post noting that only the government can lose money selling marijuana. It’s like a photoshop swimsuit. At full size it looks a lot more real, and there […]

Florida Looks To Ban “Trans Women And Girls” From Playing On Real Female Sports Teams

As we know, the concept that biological men with mental issues making them identify as female should not be participating with biological females, taking away their wins, scholarships, and such, is “controversial.” Florida is the latest to push protection for real women Florida lawmakers pass ‘cruel’ bill banning trans women and girls in school sports […]

Know What Word Is Missing From The Climate Cult Movement? Joy

It’s the key word, you know, and utterly incompatible with the Cult of Climastrology The key word missing from the climate movement My son recently celebrated his third birthday. That day I was in awe of the sheer miracle of him — his busy body, his yammering mouth, his effervescent joy. It reminded me of […]

China Joe Wears Masks Outdoors As His Patriotic Duty, You Know

This doesn’t give mixed signals, heck, a bad signal, to all those who are resistant to getting the vaccine, right? They’re looking at this and saying “what’s the point in getting vaccinated if nothing changes?” Biden wears mask outdoors as ‘extra precaution,’ White House aide says President Biden hasn’t been following advice from the Centers […]

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