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Canadian Cult Youths Not Giving Up On Their Lawsuit Attempts

What they aren’t willing to do is modify their own lives to accord with their Beliefs, so, they’ll continue attempting to force courts to force Other People, even though they already lost in court 15 youths not backing down in their fight to sue Ottawa over climate change inaction Fifteen Canadian youths are asking Ottawa […]

If All You See…

…is a beach being inundated by massive rising seas, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on how the media are limiting reporting to change people’s minds.

Newly Opened Raleigh Brewery Does Away With Tipping, Will Pay “Living Wage”

As we all know, going Woke tends to not help a business thrive and survive. This one is giving it a shot North Raleigh brewery ditching tip system for livable wage salaries Restaurants might be open and allowed to serve more customers, but it doesn’t mean they are back to normal. Heyday Brewing in north […]

Bummer: World Will See Disastrous ‘Climate Change’ Despite World Pledges

Remember when we were told that the Paris Climate (scam) agreement was historic? That it would lead to big changes? That nations would go big with their pledges? And were mad when Trump finally pulled the U.S. out? And got a thrill up their leg when Biden rejoined? Yet, we keep getting articles like this […]

China Joe Admin Attempts New Campaign To Get Biden Voters Vaccinated

We keep being told that all the vaccine resistant people are Trump voters, yet, most campaigns are aimed at China Joe voters. Walgreens has one with John Legend, featuring over half the people in the commercial being black. That’s not aimed at Republicans. And here’s the latest from Joe, who can’t seem to agree on […]

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